The Keep (3DS Eshop) Review

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CINEMAX brings us The Keep an old-school dungeon crawler with real-time combat that I like to call the Darksouls for 3ds, and that is a good thing, because this game is really well done and the challenge made me keep coming for more( even if only to die).The story is basically about  the people ambition for the Crystals and for the lack of care of the Council for the well being of their citizens , the Darkness took advantage of their foolishness and the wizard Watrys came to be. That is the story in a nutshell, so what makes The Keep, the Darksouls for the 3Ds for me, keep reading and find out.



The Keep being an dungeon crawler means that you start in a dungeon, and explore your way out while solving puzzles, finding gear and secrets, and defeating everything that stands in your way. CINEMAX made sure to bring the essence of RPGs from the past with touch screen controls which is good because makes the combat more intuitive, also the different choices of combat such as melee attacks and magic helps you keep the odds in your favor in heated battles against multiple enemies.The Keep has different control schemes to suit your play style, in this review I used the standard scheme in which you move the Hero with the Circle Pad and combat and the different menus are controlled with the stylus on the touch screen.The stylus controls are pretty good each swipe on the attack board during a battle against an enemy was fluid and you can target the upper, middle, and lower body of each enemy although there are exceptions such as Rats which you can only target using the lower attack board.One thing that I personally did not like at first was that each attack uses stamina, meaning that if you run out of it cant attack!, and have to wait till it gets refilled( or use a stamina potion) meanwhile your enemies are continuing the attack, but that is what magic is for right!, however in order to use magic you must find two things, the runes and the scrolls.You put the runes in the magic grid and slide the stylus in order on each one of the runes to cast a spell, but in order to do so you need to find the magic scroll that teaches you the rune combination after that you are set to battle your way to Watrys.


CTR-N-JWPP_TheKeep_Screenshot06 CTR-N-JWPP_TheKeep_Screenshot02

The visuals in this game are really well done, and in 3D mode even better, it really gives you the impression that you are exploring in a dungeon, the floors, the walls are very detailed and the enemies animations and AI are really well thought, you have to think before attacking and examine each of the enemies actions to do a successful  attack and obliterate them with magic.Really recommend playing in 3D mode due that is easier to see hints and switches on the wall to uncover secrets.



As with most dungeon crawlers The Keep has many dungeons(wont say how many to not spoil) many secret areas in each dungeon, children to save, armor upgrades and different enemies and attack patterns to Keep you having fun a lot of time , and to say the last but not least my reason to say that this is the Darksouls for 3DS is because you will die A LOT, but if you save often and examine each enemy and its weakness you will triumph.


Bottom line CINEMAX has done a good job with The Keep, the stylus controls are really good and the game is a good challenge, so what are you waiting to immerse yourself on The Keep.




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