Race the Sun (Wii U) Review

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The sun is going down on another day and a sense of dread fills your heart. You need to get to that next powerup before the sun completely disappears. The whole experience will remind you of another game where you were trying to accomplish a task before the moon crushed you. A different experience for sure, but with the same sense of dread…

The game where you don’t want the sun to go down is called Race the Sun. It just came out on the Wii U eshop recently. The question is, though, is Race the Sun worth this sense of dread? Well, it might be. Of course, maybe you’d be better off just letting the sun go down for good! Keep reading to find out whether this race is worth the download.


Every 24 hours, Race the Sun’s world resets and the player is given a new world to explore. The game’s world generator is very impressive. Over the course of the several days I played the game, the environment changed radically. The new obstacles that pop up each day keep the game very interesting. In this game, you must avoid obstacles because if you crash, its back to the beginning of the world for you. With each new world, you just don’t know where things will be at first and that adds challenge and a healthy dose of surprise. And I’m happy to report that the gameplay overall supports this world regeneration very well.

Race the Sun is an on-rails flying game where you are constantly moving forward as long as the sun is above the horizon. It can be challenging to keep the sun in your eye, but thankfully you can control whether you move left or right and that helps you get to powerups that‘ll extend your play time. The game tells you that death is inevitable and that’s true. Once that sun goes out on you, your ship will explode and then its back to the beginning of the game. At first, it frustrated me that I had to go all the way back. But the challenge of getting as far as you can and unlocking as much as possible is super addictive! It kept me playing this game a lot.

I’m usually not a big fan of on-rails games, however, this game offers up a lot of variety and interesting challenges. You’ll have to complete a set number of these challenges to unlock more powerups, customization for your ship, and other modes for the game too. Race the Sun is very impressive content wise. Thank goodness the game’s controls work well and don’t mess up this wonderful experience.

As noted before, you don’t control the forward movement of your ship, but you do control the left and right movement. The analog stick works very well for this. The A button is important for some powerups, but otherwise, you don’t use to many of the other buttons. The game has Off-TV mode and it looks great; I actually liked playing on it more than the TV. Unfortunately, not everything about Race the Sun is perfect.

Race the Sun is always connected to the internet via its online leader board. This is a cool feature, but its an annoying feature sometimes too. If you press the menu button and go to look at Miiverse or the internet browser, you will run into an minor annoyance for this game. The annoyance is that you’ll be logged out of the game’s leader board and have to log back in EVERY time. It gets very annoying. Plus, one time I encountered an error that made me leave the game completely. This was not when I used miiverse or the internet browser. I’m not sure if it had anything to do with the leader board. The game also froze up on me once. So its very possible that having that constant internet connection won’t always be a plus. Still, Race the Sun is a really good game and there are more positive things to say about the game than negative things.

Race the Sun is a really good game. It will constantly surprise you with its ever changing world, unlockables (which include two extra modes), and unique gameplay. It is a very good addition to the Wii U eshop.


Race the Sun has very simplistic, yet beautiful graphics. In fact, even though its pretty simplistic, its amazing how many different obstacles there are to see. Also the ship and the sun look fantastic.


An adventurous soundtrack plays during the daytime, but at night, the music in the game gets very creepy/spooky. I liked both musical pieces a lot, especially the night time music. Race the Sun also has good sound effects.


Remember that sense of dread I mentioned in the beginning of this review? You’ll get use to it. The music will taunt you and try to get you excited; remain calm. You can do it! Race the Sun has a lot of content to unlock and that’s what’ll keep you coming back.

Race the Sun isn’t perfect, but it is a very addictive game.

Shigeru Reviews Score: 9/10

All of the above screenshots were taken from the official Race the Sun website here.

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