Rakoo & Friends (Wii U) Review

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Once Upon A Time…

There was a Wii U eshop game called Rakoo & Friends. I didn’t know much about it and had no expectations as to what it would be.

When I played it, I found out it was a runner game and…well…you’ll have to read my review to find out what I thought about it. Hey, I can’t give away the whole story here!


Rakoo & Friends has a very cute story thats told through fantastic animated cutscenes (see graphics) and brief cutscenes at the start of levels. Its not the most complex story, but it doesn’t need to be. Kids will enjoy the story a lot, though anybody who is fan of animation will appreciate the cutscenes. The story may not be anything special, but I really liked it. The ending is very satisfying.


I wasn’t very impressed by Rakoo & Friend’s gameplay at first. I knew nothing about the game going in and I was disappointed that it was just a runner game since I’m not a huge fan of the genre. As I kept playing, though, the game started throwing all kinds of enemies, obstacles, and powerups at me. The variety in the challenges in every world is pretty high.

That’s not to say that the game didn’t get somewhat repetitive later on, because it did occasionally, but overall, the worlds/levels are pretty impressive.

I loved the final two worlds of this game, especially, with the Spooky world being a huge highlight for me. I should note that this game gets really hard later on. Some of these levels are pretty challenging.

If you want the levels to be harder (why?!) than you should pick two or three of Rakoo’s buddies to go along with him. The buddies are supposed to help you, but they also hurt you by taking away one (or more) hearts and that makes the levels harder. You’ll have to have some patience with some of these levels, because you will likely die and have to repeat a level again (especially if you choose to have less than three hearts). You’ll also have to have patience with the game’s load times.

The game does suffer from a long load time at the beginning of the game and each level has a load time that isn’t too long but definitely could have been shorter. Thankfully, the game’s controls are not something that needed improvement.

The left analog stick, especially, works really well for controlling the movement of the character. Though if you prefer touch screen controls that’s here and its not bad. Also, if you prefer using the right analog stick to control the character movement you can do so! A, B, X, and Y buttons control your optional pals and they respond quickly. Rakoo & Friends also has Off-TV support and the game looks great on the TV or on the gamepad. The touch screen is also used to navigate the world map and that works well too.  I had a very good time playing this game.

Rakoo & Friends is a very good, often challenging, game. I liked it a lot.


Rakoo & Friends is an extremely beautiful game. The game starts out with a high quality animated cutscene and peppers more animated cutscenes throughout the game. They are a real treat!

The actual gameplay looks amazing too. All of the characters, good guys and bad guys alike, are drawn/animated so well. The levels you run in are fantastic looking! The game’s presentation is, overall, even better than its gameplay.


I love this game’s soundtrack. The music in Rakoo & Friends is almost as fantastic as the graphics. The sound effects are pretty good too!


Rakoo & Friends is very good game. While the game does start out a bit repetitive, you should stick with it because the later levels are far less repetitive and packed with tons of variety. And the game’s presentation is flat out amazing, with terrific animated cut scenes and wonderful in-game graphics. The soundtrack is very good too! I do wish this game had better load times though. Its not the worse load times I’ve seen, but it is noticeable. Though, you shouldn’t let the load times stop you from playing this game!

Rakoo & Friends is a really fun game. The presentation, especially, will wow you. Don’t pass this runner by! It is a real treat!

Shigeru Reviews Score: 8/10

All of the above pictures were taken from the official Rakoo and Friends website here!

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