Rivers of Alice: Extended Version Review WIIU

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Of all the games I have played in my life, I believe that The Rivers of Alice  is one of the most charming and mesmerizing experience so far for me. It is a surreal world so full of life, so well detailed that I could just stare at it for hours and not get bored. I felt so relaxed just admiring the game, from start to finish it feels like you are really in the dream world in the mind of Alice and that is something that a few games can accomplish.


Gameplay wise is just what you can expect from a point and click adventure, and the WIIU gamepad is perfect for it, using only the stylus you guide Alice through this beautiful artistic landscape solving all kinds of different puzzles. Oh the Puzzles,  some are so simple to solve, but so hard to find the right answer that when you finally solve it, you are like”I’m so dumb the answer was right in front of me”, I just have to say well done Delirium Studios well done.Also another thing that I loved about Rivers of Alice was Sloth. I mean who doesn’t love Sloths(although he isn’t one, I know its weird but who cares this is a dream world after all), he  communicates by doodles, providing you with clues whenever you get stuck so it is a good partner to ask for advice.


Bottom line, The Rivers of Alice is a truly phenomenal experience. with many clever and well thought puzzles, with a beautiful surroundings and music,it is truly an experience you don’t want to miss, even if you don’t like point and click adventure games. I strongly recommend it and I hope that you can get trapped in Alice’s amazing dream world.


1 comments on “Rivers of Alice: Extended Version Review WIIU”

  1. Kind of a barebones review, no offense. You talk about how well thought out the puzzles are, but don’t provide any examples. No real mention of the story either and how well it’s written.

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