Gunslugs 2 (3DS) Review

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When I think about the third person shooter genre, Contra is still one of the games that comes to mind. If you love the genre, then that will be one of the first games you name as a classic. Many games have tried to replicate that game to various degrees of success.

Gunslugs 2 is a third person shooter that it’s a bit like Contra, but its much more frantic and chaotic. Is that a good thing though? Is Gunslugs 2 a good game? Read on to find out what I thought!


There really isn’t too much to Gunslugs 2’s Story Mode. The main character(s) just travel from world to world chasing after some bad guys that are causing a lot of trouble. There is some pretty funny dialogue, however, in the short cutscenes. As a geek, I loved the multiple uses of the word ‘Frak’ (Battlestar Galactica!) and there were some cool movie references throughout the game too. Gunslugs 2 doesn’t take itself seriously and that’s alright. The story and dialogue totally fit the tone of the game. Don’t expect much from the story; just enjoy the dialogue and you’ll be fine.


If you want a frantic, fast-paced, barely-stops-at-all take on Contra, then you should probably download Gunslugs 2. I’m serious when I say this game barely stops. Once and awhile, there is a brief cutscene, but otherwise, the game is non-stop, wall-to-wall action. Some people will really love that. Personally, I thought it was neat, but I wished that the game would slow down a bit once and awhile so I could figure out what I was doing. I wished that there was more variety in the enemies and levels that you go to. A lot of the levels, especially, feel similar to each other. The real standout for all of the worlds were the boss fights, which were always really good. And this is just Story mode that I’m taking about here.

There is also a Daily Challenge where you go into a building and have to fight your way to the end of it. These are pretty challenging and I didn’t really care for them, but some people love them. There is also an Arcade Mode that you unlock. It is a lot like Story Mode, expect that your score is been tracked at the top of the screen. I suppose this mode is a nice addition, but its too bad that Arcade Mode doesn’t let you choose what levels/world you want to play, instead its just story mode with a tracked on score tracker (and no cutscenes). Thankfully, Gunslugs 2 has a pretty good controls, although they can be a bit twitchy.

This is a really fast game. The enemies come at you quickly and you’ll have to keep pushing the firing button. Thankfully, the buttons respond just as quickly as you need them to. That said, movement can be a bit twitchy and imprecise. You’re never really sure where you’re going and slowing down to look at things is not an option. The controls are as good as they could be I suppose. The game doesn’t really use the touch screen and the bottom screen of the 3DS is only used for the world map. Gunslugs 2 could pretty much be on any system because its doesn’t take advantage of the 3DS that much. Still, if you love Contra or any other third person shooter, you may love this game. Its fast, furious, and unforgiving in its difficulty later on. I thought it was good game, but not a great one.


The graphics in this game are retro pixel sprites and simple environments. There is a big lack of variety in the environments, though, with most of the levels looking like repaints of the previous level. There is only an occasional interesting design. The worst part is that the buildings are basically all the same with minor layout changes. Gunslugs 2 is not a bad looking game, but it definitely could have used more variety visually.


The music in Gunslugs 2 is pretty catchy and fits the game well. The game’s sound effects are good too.


Gunslugs 2 is a good game, especially for people who love third person shooters. The gameplay is really quick and there won’t be much time to look around in the levels. That’s probably a good thing since there really isn’t much variety in the way the enemies or levels look. The game’s music is catchy and its sound effects are good. I did think the game’s controls could have been less twitchy and more precise, but overall, it’s a game that fans of the genre will like. If you don’t like this kind of game, Gunslugs 2 won’t make you a fan. This isn’t a game that you’ll be talking about for days. Gunslugs 2 is for fans of the third person shooter genre and nobody else. They’ll have fun with this, but I don’t think they’ll even think that this game is on the level of Contra.

If you want a fun, frantic third person shooter, you can’t go wrong with Gunslugs 2. Don’t expect it to be a classic like Contra, but it is fun and its definitely challenging later on.

Shigeru Reviews Score: 7/10

A review copy of the game and all of the above pictures were provided by the developer!

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