Momonga Pinball Adventures Review(WIIU)

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Ever since the days of the original gameboy I fell in love with Pinball games( thanks to Pokemon Pinball, and Kirby’s Pinball Land) and over the course of the years I have played a lot of games but none like Momonga Pinball Adventures( just so you know a Momonga is a japanese flying squirrel, google it and you will be killed by cuteness overload) most pinball games are just a quest for a high score, but in Momonga Pinball Adventures is a quest to save your friends from the Evil Owl Nation ;).

descarga (1)

After being rescued by Panda ( a panda) he trains you in the ways of Pinball, preparing you for your road ahead.The game controls are really tight, and in this type of games you need precision, You have a health bar and a few unlucky hits could be the end of you, which makes every flick on the flippers actually count. Also each stage has a set of challenges that have to be tacked one at a time(which doesn’t bother me since it extends the game for me) which range from collecting stars, to hitting targets with few hits as possible.The music is really good and I think it fits the game well, also each of the game stages are well detailed, they are full of color and life, my favorite is Panda’s dream, I mean a flying panda eating all kinds of donuts and pizza while avoiding the clouds!? fun times indeed.


Bottom line Momonga Pinball Adventures is a great pinball game unlike any other I have played, and while short( since it only has 12 stages 3 of them being unlocked by conquering challenges) it has many elements, like the challenges and leaderboards to keep you playing, I don’t see a problem with it being short, sometimes is better short but sweet, than long and tiresome.I definitely recommend it if you want a affordable and fun pinball game on your WIIU.


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