Color Bombs (Wii U) Review

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Color Bombs for the Wii U eshop is yet another game from developer RCMADIAX. Most of the developer’s games lately have not been good ones. Does Color Bombs raise above the pack or should we be longing for the days of Blok Drop U?


There is no variety at all in Color Bombs. Each and every level looks the same and plays the same. The game doesn’t even bother to tell you how its played. You’ll have to figure that out yourself, though, is rather simple and easy to figure out. The goal of the game is to reach the highest score you can by hitting as many splashes of paint as possible with an (unseen) bomb. There is three modes: Normal, Advanced, and Timed. Each mode has 20 levels, so there is a total of 60 levels. The Advanced levels add in a little extra challenge, but not much. If you really want to, you can beat the whole game in a day. You can go back and play it again to get a higher score, but there really isn’t much reason to replay it otherwise. As for the game’s controls, I thought they could have been better, but I suppose they served their purpose.

You use the analog stick and the A button to figure out where to drop bombs. This control scheme works well, but the game seems like it should have had touch screen controls. I think the game might have been a little bit more fun using the touch screen versus the analog. The game does have Off-TV mode support though. It seems like only a minimal effort was made to make the game for the Wii U or to even make the game interesting. I can not recommend this game at all.


Color Bomb’s graphics are very simple and uninteresting. Every single level looks the same.

I could see this game easily being on a cellphone.


The music in this game is alright. The sound effects are pretty mediocre.


Color Bombs is not a good game. From the graphics to the gameplay, Color Bombs is uninteresting and bland. If you want a high score game, you can do better than this. Color Bomb’s developer has, in fact, done a lot better than this game.

Color Bombs is a cheap game, both in price and as an experience. It should be avoided at all cost.

Shigeru Reviews Score: 1/10

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