Prepare to Test Your Mind In November

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Test Your Mind will be coming to the Wii U eshop on November 12th. Check out the video above for a look at the game.

Here is a description of the game (via Nintendo Everything):

” – Three sets of questions/problems to get your brain working. Analyze, memorize, and think outside the box!
– Starts off easy with Mind Breeze, but gets harder in Mind Tease and even harder in Mind Burst. However, all problems are unlocked from the start!
– Stress-free test: you can take a break or skip questions, and your final grade won’t go on a report card.
– Great to share with friends and family—tackle the questions together or watch someone else play and have a good laugh!
– Local 2-Player mini-game Memory Wars lets you pit your memory against someone else in a simple, speedy fashion, with silly quotes and faces to go along with it. (Requires Wii U Pro Controller)

Test Your Mind was designed to be a quick, fun blast of joy you can share with others. We want you to think “wow, that’s not what I expected” or “that’s kind of silly” or… well, something. Think something because we want you to think! That’s what the game is for. We kind of hope you get stuck (for a short while, anyway) or else our problems probably weren’t hard enough. If you are satisfied with the end result, the best thing you could do for us and maybe yourself would be to share it—I mean, fun is one of those things where when you share it, it increases, not decreases, right? We hope so, anyway. ”

Source: Nintendo Everything

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