Review-Ninja Strike: Dangerous Dash (WiiU)

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Autorunner Games are an interesting bunch. They can be amazing or complete Garbage, and while Ninja Strike: Dangerous Dash isn’t complete garbage, it isn’t super amazing at all. What do I mean? Well lets find out




The audio is always what I put first as It helps set the mood for the game. Ninja Strike sadly doesn’t have the best sound. The music is serviceable but is noticeably lacking something. It feels incomplete in a way and that it could be so much more. It doesn’t pull me in and in many ways, I feel the sound actually turned me off. The sound effects didn’t fit right and some sounded harsh on the ears.


The game has a nice cartoony look that is perfectly serviceable to the eye. The visuals are crisp and fluid but there are some framerate issues from time to time. Nothing really stands out as the scenes fly by too fast to get appreciation for anything. The movements of the characters are nice and well animated but the framerate issues mentioned above sometimes cause the movements to appear off.


And now the main attraction, the gameplay. Ninja Strike: Dangerous Dash is a somewhat decent autorunner but suffers a major flaw. That flaw being that the game is bland and lacks substance. The game gives you objectives but they aren’t enough to keep you hooked. There are multiple characters to unlock but with one exception they mostly play all the same. I feel like their could have been more done with dodging, attacking and so on. The game feels like an early version of a larger game that had a bigger vision. I don’t know how else to explain it. It just feels incomplete and lacking. The game is okay for a few minutes at a time but to be honest, I got bored very quickly and wanted to move on.

Final Thoughts

A somewhat decent but very incomplete game

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