Human Resource Machine (Wii U) Review

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After the thousandth Tetris, Zuma, or Bust A Move clone, you may start to think that there is nothing new under the sun as far as puzzle games. And then, every so often, an inventive developer comes out with a unique puzzle game that completely surprises you.

Human Resource Machine, for the Wii U, is unlike anything I’ve seen before. It is a totally unique and inventive game. It must have taken a lot of programming and some very smart people to figure out these puzzles.  So what did I think of the game overall? Read on to find out!


Human Resource Machine is a difficult game to describe, so forgive me if I don’t get it right.

In Human Resource Machine, you work at an office building and your job is take things from the Inbox and put them into the Outbox by programming your character to do so in a little box full of commands. It starts out pretty easy and then, very suddenly, it gets very complicated. The Inbox is full of numbers and before you know it, the boss will want you to add those numbers or subtract those numbers or multiply them to get exactly what they want into the Inbox. I found it to be very confusing later on.

If you happen to be someone is who is not good at math, like me, then you’ll get to a point where this game just isn’t fun anymore. I liked the game a lot at the start, but after sometime, I found myself going online to find solutions to the puzzles. When a game gets so complicated that you just can’t figure it out without a walkthrough, then it stops being fun and becomes a chore.

I’m not saying Human Resource Machine is a bad game though. In fact, its quite a good game. I think a lot of people will love this game, especially if they are good at math and figuring out puzzles. I love puzzles, but I suck at math. So for me, this game got way too complicated. That said, I enjoyed how it made use of the Gamepad.

The game is completely controlled by the touch screen. You program your worker by  moving the labels around the box.  The game also has a neat “world” map that moves up like you’re climbing the corporate ladder throughout the years. The touch screen controls work really well overall. The game is mirrored on the touch screen too, so Off-TV play is supported. You also get to a point where you can write notes in your programs and this will help people who struggle with remembering where everything goes. Human Resource Machine seems like a game that was designed with the Wii U in mind. It is a very inventive and smart game, but, that said, it has humor too.

Occasionally, there are cutscenes where the office workers take a coffee break. These scenes have bits of quirky humor to them. The game is so well designed from the clever puzzles to the cutscenes. I do like the game, but I don’t love it. The puzzles just got to be too much for me. There will be some people who will love this game a lot though. If you want a puzzle game that’ll challenge you, then you should check out Human Resource Machine.


Every level of Human Resource Machine looks almost the same, with only minor changes. That said, I do like how unique & interesting the characters look. This is not a bad looking game at all, despite the lack of visual variety in the levels.


The music is really good in this game. I often found myself humming along to it.  The game’s voice acting is cutscenes is pretty good! I didn’t really find any sound effects of note in this game.


Human Resource Machine isn’t a game designed for me, but that doesn’t make it a bad game. When a game is so well designed like Human Resource Machine, its pretty obvious that is a good game even if the reviewer doesn’t personally love it. This game is smart and its puzzles are very clever, well designed, and challenging. If you need a puzzle game that’s going to challenge you, this is it. The game is unlike anything else out there. I do wish it didn’t get so hard later on and the levels had more variety visually, but. overall, Human Resource Machine is a very good game.

If you’re pretty good at math and puzzle games, you should check Human Resource Machine out. If you suck at math like me, you may want to avoid the game because you’ll just find yourself endlessly looking at walkthroughs for the game. In the end, Human Resource Machine is a very good that has absolutely steep learning curve.

Shigeru Reviews Score: 8/10

All of the above pictures were taken from the developers official website here.

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