Wizdom Review (3DS)

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What do you get when you combine a match 3 game with a time managing feature? You get something fun a unique and that is Wizdom. Set in a fantasy world in which its inhabitants love the trill of shape shifting potions, and its your job as a potion maker apprentice to get them what they want.


Wizdom history is pretty simple, due to a potion making accident your master is transformed into a monster, since you are but an apprentice there is still much for you to learn, luckily for you a new teacher appears to teach you the ropes of potion making, and helping you turn back your previous master to its original form. Gameplay wise Wizdom is simple but fun, you have to create potions for all of your customers, trying to keep them happy(always going for the 3 star rating), think like a Cake mania kind of way, you have no idea what kind of potion they want so you have to be quick in order to fulfill each of their demands. In order to make to potions you need materials, which are represented in the upper screen, to create a usable ingredient in one of the three colours available you must match three blocks of that colour, and if you do a combo you can create more advanced “blobs”, that when using them in a potion, you create a more powerful and better quality potion(raising your star ranking on each stage).If you have a doll in your inventory you can give it to any customer to make them forget about their potion and go on their way so this helps if you can’t create the ingredient for their potion.

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You have 4 different kingdoms in which the potion requests are more difficult to make, but this adds to the challenge of Wizdom.You also have a shop in which you can buy new outfits with the stars you acquire through your journey. If you think that this game is a piece of cake you are in for a rude awakening.

Bottom Line Wizdom is a good combination of two genres, and while it only has a single player mode it has enough replay value for all of us puzzle fanatics.I definitely recommend it if you want to experience something new and unique.


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