Family Fishing Reels In the North American 3DS Eshop On November 19th

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Family Fishing will be coming to the North American 3DS eshop on November 19th.  The game currently has no European release date.

Here is the game’s official description (via Nintendo Everything):

” Fish like a Boss! – Traverse exotic locales in search of the wily boss fish! Build up your Special Attack gauge bar to turn the tide of battle and make tricky catches with ease! Aim for the big boss with high bounty points or catch them all to win!

Blow ‘em Away! – Each fish has assigned points. Will you slowly collect points by catching smaller and more common fish? Or will you risk it all on that rare catch of a lifetime? Throw smoke bombs to disrupt your opponents and seize the advantage!

Upgrade Your Gear! – Collect points and upgrade your fishing rods and lures to go fin to fin with the toughest fish around! The big boss fish won’t rollover without a fight. Gear up to make sure he goes down! ”

Source: Nintendo Everything

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