Scions of Chaos Sets Its Sights On the Wii U Eshop

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Scions of Chaos: Prologue has been announced for the Wii U eshop. The game currently has no release date. Check out the trailer above for a brief look at the game.

Here’s how the game is described (via Go Nintendo):

” Scions of Chaos: Prologue is the first installment in a multi-chapter series of games to be released over the next few years. Each chapter is a complete stand-alone game, but with clear ties to an over-arching story-line that spans time and genres.

You are Princess Grais, a half-elf, the illegitimate child of the Queen of Fehrton. Thought to have died at the hands of bandits, you were given into the care of peasants in a local hunting village. There you grew to be a young woman with no knowledge of your royal lineage. When the King’s agents discovered the truth of your whereabouts and of the Queen’s infidelity, you were to be captured and executed. But the King’s own champion, sworn to protect you, rescued you from the shadow of death. You must now embark on an epic quest to learn the truth of your heritage and the nature of your destiny. A great prophecy of doom hangs over the lands and you are a central player in the drama to unfold. ”

What do you think of Scions of Chaos?

Source: Go Nintendo


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