Ascent of Kings WIIU Review.

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Ascent of Kings is the latest game from developer Nostatic Software, it is an adventure platfomer with a focus on exploration, making use of different abilities and tools found during your adventure.The story of Ascent of Kings is pretty straightforward, the old king has died (and unlike any other kingdoms that the heir is chosen at birth) and the only way to crown a new one, is that someone passes the trial Ascent of the Kings, whoever does it will earn the right to be chosen as the new king, your father knew this so at the beginning of the game, he sent you to do your chores, while you were away he gave your three older brothers his blessing and some tools to try to conquer the trial.After you came back you decided to take the trial, but your father gave all of his tools to your brothers and tells you that you are to young to do it( but JUST DO IT!!! don’t let your dreams be dreams) even so you are resolved to conquer the trial.


During the course of the trial you encounter your brothers injured ( clumsy as hell) and each of them gives you the tools that you they got from your father, a pair of boots that allow you to double jump, a glove that allows you to have a better grip when climbing vines, and a slingshot.Gameplay wise Ascent of kings is really fun, there are some enemies that are harmless ( the green ones) and help you reach some high places, and there are others that try to stop you( the red ones) in a way or another, such as jumping at the same time as you, this is cool since it gives challenge to the game.Also the game controls are well done, each of your inputs is responsive and fluid so there is no complaint in that department.

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The only complaint that I have with Ascent of Kings is that is short( like the main character) you can complete it in a hour or so, trying to find all lesser shrines in the game can give you a little more of game time, and after that there is not much to see.

Bottom Line Ascent of Kings is a good game, although on the short side, it can get you a fun time, if you take it easy and enjoy the little things that make the game good, like the responsive controls, and great music, and for just $1.99 you get your moneys worth.


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