Three New GBA Games Released By Piko Interactive

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Do you have a Gameboy Advance and still play it? Then you might be interested in this news. Piko Interactive has released three new GBA games through their website.

Here are the games & how they are described (via Go Nintendo):


” Broken Circle (GBA)

Broken Circle is an Unreleased game for the Gameboy Advanced developed by 7 Raven Studios. The game is a turn based RPG which is based in the Norse Mythology. ”

” World Reborn (GBA)

World Reborn if a GBA Horizontal Shooter that was developed but unreleased back in the early 2000s. The game was developed by an Indie team which then later moved on to developer bigger licensed-franchise-projec​ts for publishers. ”

” Anguna – Warriors of Virtue (GBA)

Anguna – Warriors of Virtue is a new game developed for GBA by Nathan Tolbert. The game is an action adventure RPG similar classic games like Zelda or Secret of Mana. •6 dungeons and a large overworld to explore •Exclusive NEW Dungeon for this cartridge release! ”

For more information, screenshots, and to purchase them, check out Piko Interactive’s website!

Source: Go Nintendo




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