Toki Tori 3D (3DS) Review

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Toki Tori

There are two versions of Toki Tori on the 3DS eshop right now. One is the Gameboy Color Virtual Console release of the game and the other is the Toki Tori 3D, an update of the Gameboy Color classic.

This review focuses on Toki Tori 3D, but we would be remiss not to compare the game to its Gameboy Color counterpart. What did Two Tribes, the developer, update in this new version of the game and is this new take worth downloading if you already own the original? Also, should you even bother with the original now that the new one is out? This review will cover all those questions, plus just let you know if Toki Tori 3D is a good game or not. Please read on to find out what I thought of Toki Tori 3D for the 3DS.


Both Toki Tori games are puzzle platformer games where the main character uses a variety tools to find some eggs. The basic concept is the same between the two, but Toki Tori 3D has brand new puzzles that have larger environments to explore and are more challenging. There are also a ton more puzzles to select from with Normal, Hard, and Bonus puzzles being available/unlocked in the 3D version. And while the core gameplay is the same, there is a one difference that really improves the gameplay.

Toki Tori 3D adds a handy Rewind feature that lets you back up when you make a mistake. In the Gameboy Color version, you would have had to restart a level (or go back to a restore point in the VC version) if you even made a tiny mistake. The Rewind feature adds a precise mistake corrector and I like it a lot. Some might think this new feature makes the game easier, but it doesn’t. The Rewind feature just makes things less frustrating.There is also a Wild Card you can use to skip a level if a level is too hard. Unfortunately, there is only one Wild Card and you have to beat the level you used it on to get it back. I definitely prefer the Rewind feature over the Wild Card. As for the way in which the main character controls, that is similar to the original and yet far better.

Toki Tori moves faster in the 3D version. In the Gameboy Color game, you can have the character run and jump. In the new game, there is no jumping and the character runs instead of walks everywhere. The older Toki Tori’s movement was also very stiff and that’s gone in the 3D one. The controls are pretty good in Toki Tori 3D overall. The game uses the bottom screen to change tools and that’s handy.

Though I wish you could also actually use the tools from the touch screen instead of having to go back to the buttons to use tools. Its not a major issue though. I do really like how the Rewind Feature works via the touch screen. As for the way the tools control, thats pretty similar to the original. Its a shame no twists on the classic gameplay were added here. In the end, you may wonder, if I played the original, should I buy the new one? And if you haven’t played either, which one should you buy?

Toki Tori 3D is the best version of the two games. The new game has more puzzles, a handy rewind feature and touch screen support. If you’ve played the original game, you may find the new game a bit bland in places, but at $1.99, the game is cheap and worth downloading anyway. If you haven’t played the original, you should definitely skip the Gameboy Color version and download the new one. The original does have a neat little story and the puzzles are different, but in the end, the new one is much better and more interesting.


Toki Tori 3D has a really nice graphics. Toki Tori and all the enemies look great and so do the environments. The game does have a 3D effect that adds a bit of depth to the levels. I thought that the Smiley Sewers especially looked great in 3D. But I didn’t keep the 3D on all the time because it started to bother me.

As to how the graphics compare to the original game, Toki Tori 3D looks a lot better than its Gameboy counterpart. The levels, enemies…basically everything has been vastly improved.


The music in Toki Tori 3D is a lot better than Toki Tori for the Gameboy Color. So are the sound effects. Two Tribes definitely steps things up in the audio department.


If you played the original Toki Tori and loved it, then you should download the new one. While the game has the same basic gameplay of the old one, the puzzles are brand new and the presentation has been vastly improved. Though, some people may find the gameplay a little bland since the 3D version doesn’t really add anything new to the core gameplay. If you’ve never played the original, skip it and play the new one. The new one is cheaper in price and a better game overall.

Toki Tori 3D is a challenging experience. If you love puzzle platformers, you should definitely give this game a try. At $1.99, the game isn’t much of a risk. While I do wish there were some new core gameplay elements to make things a bit more exciting, I do think this is the ultimate version of Toki Tori. It is a good game that fans of the genre and the franchise will like.

Shigeru Reviews Score: 7.5/10

The Toki Tori logo was taken from Two Tribes official website here.

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