Review – Rodea The Sky Soldier (Wii U)

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There are those games that are talked about, games that are anticipated, games that become legends. Then they fade away never to be seen or heard from. Rodea the Sky Soldier nearly met this fate but returned on the Wii U. But, was this return well worth it? Or should Rodea have stayed a what if?




Rodea On Wii U is a mixed bag visually. The game is HD but things look dark and a bit muddy at times. Its not bad looking but when compared to the Wii version it looks a bit drab. I cant really explain it any other way. The visual effects however, are amazing, and the game is able to convey a sense of wonder through them. I just feel that something was lacking, especially when you compare it to the Wii version which was made to be played on inferior hardware.


Rodea’s music and sound effects are amazing. Whereas the visuals are somewhat lacking, the audio is top notch and energetic. I really enjoyed the tunes that played as the game progressed, as they really helped capture that sense of wonder that one gets when playing a great game. The sound effects are spot on and really build well, and my only complaint is that every so often they fell out of sync for a moment. The voice acting, while not superb, is perfectly serviceable and I don’t have that much to complain about there.


The heart of the matter. Rodea is hard to get the hang of at first, and to be honest, I was extremely grateful for the tutorial level as it gave me a chance to get the hang of the game and the controls.  Rodea is kind of like a spiritual successor to Nights into Dreams, which was another Yuji Naka game. That said, the Wii version has more of a claim on that than the Wii U version. The two versions are very different and while I was not able to play the Wii version, the Wii U version is still fun in its own right. Its not perfect by any means and has a lot of flaws. The controls can be awkward and unforgiving at times and you can tell that something was off with the programing since it doesn’t really take advantage of the Wii U.  It is still a good throwback to classic Sega games but its not what it could be. I recently learned that the Wii U version is essentially a port of the 3DS version in HD and that is a shame. The Wii version in HD would have been much more fun, especially since the Wii U can use the same control scheme.

Final Thoughts

Rodea The Sky Soldier isn’t a bad game. Its just that it is nowhere what it could be and doesn’t live up to its potential.

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