Typoman (Wii U) Review

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During E3, Nintendo put a few Indie demos up on the Wii U eshop for players to try out. One of them was Typoman. I played the demo and I had no idea what to do. I had to watch an E3 video to even understand what the game was about. Once I understood it, though, I was impressed with the game. And now the full game is on the Wii U eshop and I reviewed it.

So what did I think of Typoman? Is the game really good? Read on to find out what I thought!


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While story isn’t the focus on Typoman (gameplay definitely is), Typoman has a pretty interesting and mysterious story. You won’t know what’s going on, but you will want to see what happens next.


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Typoman’s concept, rearranging letters and creating words that allow you to move further into the game, is very inventive and sometimes fun. Typoman is certainly a very unique puzzle platformer, though I do wish the game had better introduced its core concept. There is no tutorial at all in this game. Typoman is also very challenging and will sometimes test your puzzle solving skills. Some people will love the challenge, while others may give up on the game in frustration.

Thats where the sometimes fun comes in. Typoman is a slower paced game that will challenge your skills, but its not always fun and exciting. The game takes its time and some people might find it a little boring in places and other times might just want to quit because of a frustrating puzzle. There are couple of things, control wise, that’ll help you with some of the more challenging puzzle though.

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On the gamepad touch screen, you’ll find hints that help you figure out Typoman’s puzzles. There is also a scrambler feature that’ll let you create words via the touch screen, which is definitely easier than creating them via the game’s normal controls. That’s not to say that the game’s normal controls are bad, in fact they are quite good. Its just a lot slower to drag letters around, although it is sometimes necessary. The scrambler and hints are very useful gameplay features and I wish they had been introduced via the game. I accidentally found these features by looking down at the gamepad. You should keep both of these features in mind if you plan to play Typoman. The game, however, doesn’t have Off-TV support and that’s a shame.

I would have loved to have played Typoman on the gamepad only and think the touchscreen support should have been handled directly in world, instead of by the scrambler. I’m sure clues could have been provided a different way. Off-TV play and direct touch screen support seem like major missed opportunities. I also wish I could say that the normal Typoman TV experience ran smoothly.

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Typoman suffers from long load times when you start the game and in between new chapters. The game also has some very noticeable framerate issues when the main character jumps down from one area to another. The game runs fine most of the time though. Neither the load times nor the framerate issues destroy the game, but I can’t help wishing that these were not issues. Typoman is, overall, a good game despite any of its issues. If you’re up for a challenge, you might want to check the game out!


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Typoman’s graphics are really good. I especially liked the backgrounds, which were highly detailed and made everything look even better.


This game has a very good soundtrack and the sound effects are excellent too.


Typoman is a good game, despite a few issues. The load times and the framerate issues are the worst, but I do wish the gamepad use for this game had included Off-TV support. Typoman is also a bit slow in places and the game’s difficulty will either excite you or turn you off of the game. That said, Typoman does have really good graphics, an excellent soundtrack, an interesting story, and inventive gameplay. Its not the best puzzle platformer I’ve ever played, but it is a good one that you should check out if you like a challenging game with a good concept.

Typoman isn’t for everyone, but puzzle platformer fans may want to check it out if they like a challenge. Typoman definitely has a unique concept and interesting gameplay!

Shigeru Reviews Score: 7.5/10

All of the above pictures were taken from the Typoman twitter feed.

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