Review – Christmas Adventures of Rocket Penguin (WiiU)

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There are so many games on the eshop out now that come cheap and are of extremely poor quality. When I sat down to play CAORP, I was convinced it would be more shovelware…..How wrong I was….How wrong I was.


I need to just say it. This game is fun. The game plays like Kirby and the Rainbow curse, except as an autorunner. This seems like a stupid idea, but in execution it works so well. Its fun and addictive and great in small spurts. Its no masterpiece but that’s the thing, it doesn’t aspire to be. This is just a game that is more than it seems. I played this weeks ago and decided to wait before publishing this review to see if my opinion changed. It didn’t.  The game has its faults, difficulty, music issues and such, but it moves past them quickly.  To be honest, I can see how the game can get old fast, which is why I recommend only playing it in spurts so that you don’t get bored. The game also has a hard mode which adds additional challenge to it and really extends the replay value.

All said and done, the game is definitely worth checking out and comes at a decent price of $1.99. I have to recommend it, but don’t play it for too long at once.


Shigeru reviews Score 7/10

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