Review: Lucentek – Activate (Wii U)

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Some games are fun to play and some  just make you want to rip the buttons off your controller.  I wish there was a better way to start off this review but there is not. Lucentek – Activate is a game that had potential but that potential is wasted.


To begin, the visuals, while nothing special, are serviceable, and the audio is okay but the major issue is the controls. Namely, the controls are extremely unresponsive and difficult to use. I attempted to play this game s many times but the control issues just kept getting in the way. That’s a shame because Lucentek – Activate has some very neat ideas, but with the bad controls, the game just isn’t fun to play.  I actually threw my gamepad across the room in frustration because of them. And to make matters worse is the price of the game. The game is 9.99 and with broken controls I think that’s way too much to ask.


I wont be giving this a score because I want to give the dev time to put out a patch. But as it stands now. I cannot recommend this game. There are just simply way too many issues with the controls and camera angles in the game to actually have fun playing it.

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