Review – Fast Racing Neo (Wii U)

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The time has come.  Fast Racing Neo had been hinted for years and every detail we were given just made our mouths water more and more.

Futuristic racing games are a desired commodity but not many companies do them right or are even making them. FRN by Shin’en is everything we could want from a game in this genre.



FRN is beautiful and a feast for the eyes. There is so much happening on screen in such perfect fidelity that you will just go wow. This game is on par with games on the PS4 and Xbox One visually and I mean that with all sincerity. The 30 FPS videos some have posted do not do this justice, it must be viewed in full 60 fps to be appreciated. What makes this game even better is that even minor details that you speed past are alive and vibrant.  The game feels more alive than many full retail release AAA games.


The sound in this game is amazing. Not only is the announcer from F Zero GX in this game but the soundtrack itself is a treat for the ears. The game has a very neat somewhat techno beat to it and it just works perfectly. Every sound effect hits the right note and I love it.


FRN is definitely fast. Even in its slowest speed the game is faster than most other high speed racers. This is a game that you will need to paly several times in order to be able just to place in the top 3 in a race. And you know what? You will do it gladly because the game is just that damn good. The racing does have its issues, since this is a high speed twitch racer. There are several jumps and what not that require split second timing but you will get the hang of it sooner or later. One other thing with the game is that you might want to take a break every so often, because the game is very fast paced and heavy on the eyes and you might get motion sickness for a few minutes. But if you play in moderation, you will have fun. You will enjoy unlocking all the cars and tracks and just pushing yourself to be even better. We might not have an F Zero this generation but with Fast Racing Neo, we have a nice substitute. And Nintendo even sent out notifications that the game was available. I haven’t seen them do that for any other indie game. Maybe we need this game to sell not just for us, or for Shin’en but maybe so that Nintendo will see there is a good market for an F Zero game. Until then my friends, the future is fast indeed.

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