My Goodbye to Shigeru News

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Well how do I start? When I was younger(I’m 31 btw) there was no way for me to read reviews about games and related stuff( I live in a third world country) and during the NES, SNES, GENESIS era of gaming we had to relay on word of mouth for gaming. The Internet as we now it was on its first steps, so we had to go to Arcades( sort of since they were SNES, GENESIS, NES consoles hooked up and connected to a TV in a wooden cabinet of sorts, you can still find them with N64, PSOne and PS2) to see the hottest games, I remember spending a lot of coins playing Megaman X, Mortal Kombat, Sonic The Hedgehog, and I can’t forget the “japanese” 10 in one games that included gems like Super Butoden, Contra 3 etc.  So like I said this was the only thing that we had in order to knew about gaming related stuff, then the game magazines started to appear I remember Gamepro, Tips and Tricks, and Club Nintendo( still being printed BTW ) so this was heaven for me since where I live videogames are expensive so you had to think about spending your cash on the best experience without regrets, thanks to those magazines I got to play awesome games like Megaman, Sonic(all genesis era games) Darius, and my all time favorite Chrono Trigger( yep I love CT so much that I got a DS copy to play it all the time currently on my who knows play through) so during those days it never occurred to me that I was going to be reviewing games someday. So fast forward to this age, I started writing reviews for Shigeru News on September 3 2014, to be honest I am no journalist, and I don’t pretend to be, you see for me a journalist is someone that studies for it, that has a degree on this profession, and has the skills to convey that on a review or interview, I am just a normal guy that loves videogames with passion, I can be playing for hours and not stop, when I got my Xbox360 I got Tales of Vesperia( HUGE TALES FAN, my 3 best series are, Chrono Trigger, The Legend of Heroes, and Tales Series) I literally started playing at 2.00 pm on the afternoon and stopped at 4.00 am in the morning( and I had to go to work at 7.00 am)to set an example, but like I said I am a normal guy.So one day the opportunity to write for this site appeared, having no experience at all( heck I never wrote anything on a blog or something) I took the chance and here I am. Sometimes I write a lot about a game that I review, sometimes I try to keep it short but sweet, but the point is that I try to give an impression of what each game feels like, not from the viewpoint of a professional journalist (which I am not) but from the viewpoint of a fellow gamer, from someone who has played the game, from a friend who has the game that you want, and you came to ask a sincere opinion is it worth it?, as my friend and knowing my tastes do you recommend it?, I know is hard since not everyone likes the same genres, I love Jrpg, Fighting, Shmups, hack and slash, strategy, rhythm games( button based at least), but I don’t like sports games or sims(but it doesn’t mean that I can’t enjoy them while reviewing them), so as a friend I would tell you that If you like the genre and based  on what I played I would definitely recommend it.So now I have the chance of continue to broaden my horizons and while goodbyes are sad, to me is a chance to improve and strive for something unique, I will always respect Shigeru News since they were the ones that gave me a chance, and who knows maybe our roads will cross again but in the meantime its until next time.So I am moving to so hope to see you there reading my heartfelt reviews.

Thanks for your support and for reading the ramblings of this noob that loves games.


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