Thank You For Reading (A Goodbye)

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Dear Readers,

Just like Jon and Harold, I’ll be leaving Shigeru Reviews and heading over to Real Otaku Gamer too. I’ll miss Shigeru a lot.

When Matt asked me to write my first review for this site (Stick It to The Man), I had no idea that it’d turn into a full time writing position. I was delighted when I started receiving review codes from Matt and that feeling of excitement/worry about “what will this game be?” has never worn off (and I doubt it ever will). Writing for Shigeru has been a blast!

I have enjoyed writing the reviews the most, but writing the news has been an excellent learning experience. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my reviews and news posts here.

There are some people I want to thank:

Matt and Jon for giving me games to play and things to write. What a fantastic experience!

The rest of the Shigeru crew! Especially Harold, Fletcher, Jolt, and Chris.

I also want to thank Adam Roffel, Shaun Edwards, and Trevor Gould for their support of my writing. The feedback you guys provide is really helpful and I hope we’ll continue to talk a lot.

Some people that inspire me and make me strive to be a better writer: my mom & dad, Daan Koopman, Shawn Long, Roger DiLuigi III, mattmagician, Tony Brasel, Jess Carder, Carl Smith, and many more.

Thanks to Nintendo Everything, Go Nintendo, and Nintendo Enthusiast. Three of the best Nintendo related sites and our main sources for gaming news.

And thank you to the fantastic Indie developers who gave us review codes, interviews, and plenty of news to report. There are way too many of you wonderful people to list. You all know who you are. I hope we’ll work with you again very soon.

Most of all: YOU guys. The readers. Thank you for reading.


Daniel Fugate

@df2506 on twitter

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