(RUMOR) NX was set to launch November 2016. Specs are on par with PS4 Neo.


Well this is quite the rumor that has popped up about NX via gameblog.fr.. The following is translated from French:

“Gameblog INFO . Nintendo NX released in March 2017. It is official since April … But we recently learned is that there are still three months just before the announcement, the machine was about to leave before worldwide. After intersected the information from our industry sources, Nintendo NX was indeed initially released in November 2016. Explanations.”

“Nintendo NX was originally released in November 2016. Everything was ready for launch in France and worldwide.”

“According to our information, Nintendo had even booked many advertising slots for this year end … before retracting. The machine should even have been accompanied by a line-up consisting comprising not less than 30 games, and … then the plans have changed!”

“According to our sources, three major deals with third-party publishers have also contributed to the delay … the game simply is not ready. Among the names mentioned,Square Enix and Capcom , two Japanese major publishers, would be part of the allies of Nintendo for what some would call internally “reconquest of operation.” A large part of these titles and publishers should arrive on Nintendo NX, with a few exclusives in preparation.”

“The ultimate power of NX therefore be around that of the future PS4K Neo, and all would be designed with components ” to date “do not set the cutting edge of technology.”

Well that is a lot to take in. And just remember that at this point in time this is all speculation. I hope that this information is true! NX could be a great system with great specs!

Read More Here: LINK


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