Legendary Entertainment Officially Announces ‘Detective Pikachu’ movie


The first official announcement of a Pokémon movie comes right on the heels of Legendary Entertainment confirming its deal with The Pokémon Company yesterday. It has been unveiled that the first live-action film to be released will be based on a spin-off game developed by Creatures and published by Nintendo, called Meitantei Pikachu: Shin Konbi Tanjō  (Great Detective Pikachu: Birth of a New Duo) for the Nintendo 3DS.


For months, numerous companies had tried to acquire the movie rights to Pokémon, and it increased exponentially with the runaway success of the mobile game Pokémon GO. Now, Legendary has secured the rights to the Pokémon franchise and its plans are to fast-track production of the Detective Pikachu movie to start in 2017.

Currently, no release date has been mentioned or what the movie will be about, but if the Detective Pikachu game is any indication, the story could be centered around the relationship between a boy named Tim who is searching for his missing father, and Detective Pikachu, an intelligent Pokémon who he can curiously understand speak in his own language.  They use this special bond to communicate and solve mysteries together.

Many questions still linger about the movie itself, what other movies are being planned and when the Detective Pikachu will be localized for release in the United States. But based on months of fan petition the most important one is: Will Danny Devito take over the voice acting for the Detective Pikachu character?

– Sergio –

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