Laser Blaster Wii U Review

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Similar to the original concept behind Missile Command, Laser Blaster tasks you in protecting your home world against incoming enemy lasers. To do this, you must fire your ‘missiles’ at the lasers and intercept them before they reach the ground.  There are four establishments that must be protected in your base, fail to do so and the game ends.

Laser Blaster is meant strictly as a quick ‘pick-me-up’ as there is no story involved.  The goal is pretty much to survive and attain the highest score possible.  Using the stylus on the Wii U GamePad, touch the screen to select where to launch the missiles, detonating on the area you selected.


The speed of the lasers vary depending on the colors, purple being the slowest and yellow the fastest. There are four points on the ground that you must protect, and need to keep your attention on the entire screen as your base will be attacked randomly from multiple angles. Normally, a game like this would be awkward to play as your hand would cover part of the screen you are trying to see.  Thankfully, by using the stylus, you can keep the obstructions to a minimum.


With the end of each wave comes the opportunity to select an upgrade, which vary from Laser Speed to the number of lasers you carry (Laser Number), Explosion Duration and Explosion Radius. The order in which you decide to upgrade is entirely up to you and your playing style. The only thing you have to be careful of is forgetting to upgrade the number of missiles you carry, as enemy lasers increase with each new turn and you could potentially end up with fewer missiles than the number of incoming lasers.


The graphics look good and the gameplay is solid but the lack of features keep this game from attaining its full potential.  There is no multiplayer option, no additional modes of play and no visible ways on how the score is being calculated.  Only thing certain is that the score increases as you destroy the lasers.


The game does have its issues. Once I had a laser destroy one of my bases with another laser right behind it. I failed to destroy both of the lasers and the second one did not hit the surface but instead continued to fly past the bottom of the screen.  The stage ended with the three other bases intact, but because the screen still showed ‘Enemies Left: 1’, it never got to the upgrade screen and I had to restart the game.

A couple of times the ‘Select Your Upgrade’ window would pop up on the screen before all of the missiles had even finished hitting.  This would keep me from firing at those other lasers and would lose all of my stations. Glitches like these are annoying when you are well on your way to a high score, only to have your game end on something you had no control over.


Final Word

Aside from some small glitches experienced and the lack of other modes, Laser Blaster is a fun game to play.  This is also true, especially when considering its small price tag. With the launch of the game comes the Laser Blaster Community on Miiverse, to which you can upload screenshots of your best score.  See if you can conquer the community!



Laser Blaster released on the on September 22nd, 2016. It is now available for the Wii U as a digital download on the Nintendo eShop for $1.99.



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