What Nintendo Fans want from the NX

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Hey guys, Matt of Shigeru News here. This is the first in a new NX related blog series that I am starting.

In this post I will be sharing what you, our followers want from Nintendo’s next system, the NX! So without further or do here is what some of you guys have said:

“More games, 3rd party support, no internet/controller connection malfunctions, no gimmics, less updates, backward compatible” – @JeffMan1490

“All multiplayer games to have online. A controller that is easy to use and understand, no load times, still free online play” –XCWarrior1

“Hybrid, Smash NX (port + extras), Pikmin 4, Splatoon 2, Gamecube virtual console, Animal Crossing NX, New Zelda” – @RiversDeven

“First and third party, preferred to be around 60 FPS and 1080 p or more, limit gimmicks, standard controller, and support” –@sonicman4321

“i want games for nintendo and ports of great games from ps4” – @samba_joc

These are some great ideas, and I hope that this system really brings Nintendo back to the top of the gaming industry.  An intuitive control scheme could do wonders and bring back many of the casual gamers who purchased the Wii. We need Nintendo to really listen to the fans this time around, lets hope that they bring games like Metroid, F-Zero, and Mother 3 to the system.

Comment Below with what you guys would like from the NX!

Next time i will discuss some of my theories on what launch games the NX could have…


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