A Brief overview of Today’s Switch News and My Thoughts!

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Wow…. It finally happened! Nintendo’s next system was finally announced. After an entire year of speculation and rumors the Nintendo Switch was revealed to the world! During the incredible Reveal Trailer this morning we learned that the system is indeed a hybrid with detachable controllers and can be taken anywhere like many rumors suggested, the system uses cartridges, and that many 3rd party devs are on board!


It was confirmed that Bethesda and EA are on board with the system and that they will be bringing Skyrim and NBA2K to it!  A 3D Mario game was briefly shown off as well as a new addition to the Mario Kart series and a port of Splatoon! Amiibo Support has been Confirmed as has Unreal Engine 4 Support. Another confirmation was that The NVIDIA Tegra powers the Switch. Emily Rogers (Our Lord and Savior) had pointed out that more news should be coming next week! Perhaps a Nintendo Direct with more information on pricing and games before the Investors Meeting.


What are my thoughts on the system? I think that it is a breath of fresh air for Nintendo. It genuinely looks like an incredible gaming console! If Nintendo keeps third party support this gen than they could really succeed with the masses! The name is something unique and fits the hybrid design perfectly. I can imagine taking this thing with me everywhere I go. Playing HD Mario Kart on an airplane, a bus, or a train! It really looks like there will be something here for everyone. The video is currently approaching 2 million views on YouTube and I wouldn’t be surprised if it hits 5,000,000+  by the weekend. This is everything that the Wii U should’ve been and more. I will be picking it up at launch for sure!

What do you guys think of the Switch? Sound off in the comments below!

The journey to Switch in March is only just beginning!


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