Investors not impressed by the Nintendo Switch announcement

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Could the investors ever be happy?

Nintendo is continuing its roller-coaster run on the stock market, as the stock is once again down. After an uptick right before the trailer for the new Nintendo Switch console/portable was shown, Nintendo shares have dropped close to 7%.

It is amazing how the power of a single tweet less than 24 hours before the unveiling generated close to $1 billion dollars in market value for Nintendo, only for it to completely wiped out after a three and a half minute YouTube video.


First reported by the Wall Street Journal, the drop can be attributed to investors stating that surprises were lacking on the trailer and that the company had raised high expectations by not releasing information for more than a year.

A Nintendo spokesman was quoted as saying that “We haven’t shown everything”, so there are still some surprises that Nintendo has kept up their sleeves.  The report also said that additional information on the Switch would be released next year.


Based on the response from the stock market, it seems investors are hell bent on Nintendo leaving the console market and either go the 3rd party route or dipping both feet into the mobile market. Perhaps they were expecting Pokémon GO to be shown on the trailer, or at least for Nintendo to have confirmed it would be available on the system.

Nintendo still has games like Fire Emblem, Animal Crossing, and the Apple Conference-surprise Super Mario Run to appease the investors and once again trend upward, but one would think that investors would take a look at the reception the reveal has gotten before casting it as a disappointment.

Public Opinion is What Matters

It’s easy to see the positive response that the Nintendo Switch has received. The reveal trailer for it is the #1 trending video on YouTube, generating over 11 million views in less than 20 hours.

This doesn’t account for the millions of views the video trailer has received through other outlets (6.3 million views on Facebook for example) as well as the #1 trending topic on Facebook (with over half a million more people talking about the Switch instead of the Walking Dead).

Understandably, there are still important details that haven’t been revealed.  For example, there are rumors that the battery life on the Switch Console is only 3 hours long, which could put a damper on how “portable” the device really is. Nvidia hasn’t specified what type of Tegra processor is using to power the Switch, which makes it hard to guess how much power (or lack of power) the console really has. Even the price is still a mystery (rumored to be around $300).

Regardless, the Nintendo Switch has taken a very positive first step with public opinion. Let’s hope the momentum continues on Nintendo‘s side.


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