No Splatfests, No Problem!

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Splatoon Tournament coming this November

For those of you who can’t get enough of calamari and seashells, a new Splatoon tournament is on the way. Nintendo of America has announced through their Twitter page that a series of Splatoon events will begin the first weekend of November.


This won’t be your usual Splatfest, but instead, a full-on tournament hosted through Battlefy. This online event has been labeled the ‘Splatoon Showdown Series’ and is set to begin on November 5th.


Splatoon players have been starving for such an event, as Nintendo hosted Splatfests regularly throughout the first year of Splatoon’s release, culminating on the weekend of July 22nd, when the appropriately called ‘Callie vs Marie’ Splatfest launched. Since then, Squid-kids everywhere have requested Nintendo for a new tournament.


The first leg of the tournament will start with Turf War qualifiers on November 5th. If you make it to the finals, they will be hosted the following day. The next two weekends after that will be the Tower Control and Splat Zones tournaments, culminating with the Rainmaker event on the last weekend.


So dress up in your freshest gear, grab your favorite weapon and don’t let your ink dry! Until the ‘Splatoon Showdown Series’, Stay Fresh!


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