Pokémon GO Hunting…on a Sprint store near you

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Can you catch them now?

Sprint Corp and Niantic, Inc. will be bringing the Pokémon GO experience to a Sprint store near you starting on December 12th.


The Pokémon GO craze is alive and well and Niantic has secured their first big partnership in the U.S. to bring the Pokémon GO experience to more than 10,500 Sprint and Boost Mobile locations across the U.S.

Pokémon GO developer Niantic and Sprint are teaming up to allow players (and potential Sprint customers) the ability to recharge their devices in-store while collecting special in-game items. Players will also be able to take their Pokémon into battle at Sprint-sponsored Gyms.


Sprint is hoping to cash in on the Pokémon GO craze, which resulted in wireless customers downloading the app more than 500 million times during the first two months of launch. Although the obsession has died down considerably since then, Pokémon GO is still among the most played and profitable apps on the market.

There has been no specific information on what kind of deal Niantic and Sprint made, except that Sprint will be paying Niantic for each unique visitor who comes to the store. This is good news for Niantic, The Pokémon Company, and Nintendo, and hopefully will lead to additional deals to continue to expand the brand.





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