“Hyrule Encyclopedia” Confirmed as Book #2 In 30th Anniversary Trilogy Books

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Today it was confirmed that “Hyrule Encyclopedia” would be book #2 in the 30th anniversary trilogy of books. Book #1 “Hyrule Graphics” was released back in August in Japan and is coming westward in February, now known as “Art and Artifacts.”

“Hyrule Encyclopedia has been revealed as the second entry in the Zelda 30th anniversary book series. The first chapter is a visual encyclopedia, and will explain keywords like the Master Sword and Hyrule Kingdom with various images. As for the second chapter, it’s a database with a list of enemies, items, dungeons, and more. The third chapter will contain archives, and will give explanatory notes and storylines of each game”. Source

So, now that two of the three books are known; one being an art book covering the entire history of Zelda, and now a visual encyclopedia. What do you guys think book three is going to cover? Let me know! I think it could be an “Art of Breath of the Wild” book or something else relating to the history of Zelda.

One final thing, is anyone else getting a “Hyrule Historia 2.0” feeling when they read the description of the encyclopedia or is that just me?

Hyrule Encyclopedia will be coming to Japan in February and to the west sometime in 2017.


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