Super Mario Run now has 50 million downloads

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Ending the year on a high note

Not long after Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima revealed plans for the possible release of two to three smartphone games a year after 2017, the announcement of another milestone for Nintendo’s newest mobile game was reported via Super Mario Run’s Japanese Twitter account:


“Super Mario Run in celebration of 50 million downloads worldwide, we have a gift of 10 “Rally Tickets” from Kinopio Rally. I’d like to thank you for supporting Super Mario Run” #SuperMarioRun” 

Super Mario Run has been a success by every possible measure, but shareholers are still skeptical about its $9.99 price tag, as they are more in favor of a Free-to-Play format with micro transactions.

Congratulations to Nintendo and Super Mario Run on its continued success as they close out the year on a high note. Next year plans to be a big year for Nintendo, with the relesae of mobile offerings of Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem, as well as the Nintendo Switch console.



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