Switchmas Day 1: The Wii U drought of 2016 and will the Switch benefit from it?


wiiu_and_3dsWii U in 2016

As we all know, the Wii U had a very lackluster 2016. With very few first party titles including Star Fox Zero & Star Fox Guard, Paper Mario Color Splash, Pokken Tournament, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, and LoZ: Twilight Princess HD are the only ones that come to mind. While most of these games were very well received, one or two of these would come out in the span of two to three months. This is never fun for a gamer, waiting for more games to come out for you to play. With large titles such as LoZ: Breath of the Wild being delayed to 2017 and losing Wii U exclusivity and multiple third party games being cancelled in favor of a Switch version, It seems Wii U exclusive games are over and Nintendo is hard at word on whatever 3DS titles are left and making sure the Switch is successful. .

cvn3jwkvmaazniuWill the Drought Benefit the Switch?

Many fans speculate that while the Wii U did not get much attention in 2016, Nintendo was hard at work to make sure that the Switch has a steady flow of games both in 2017 and in the years that follow. With Nintendo focusing on one system instead of two will also make it so bigger games come out on the Switch more frequently. We all know that throughout the Wii U & 3DS lifespans the 3DS got more games at a faster rate, which made the system more desirable. But now that Nintendo will be releasing all of their games on only one console, it will ensure that the Switch has a constant flow of first party games. All it needs now is a great third party support and for it to be readily available at an affordable price with stellar marketing. All of which will be talked about in later days!

That covers it for today’s topic. Let me know what you think in the comments. Do you think the Wii U drought will benefit the Switch at launch and beyond?

Tomorrow we will discuss the highly rumored and shown Wii U ports, how likely I believe each one is and what potentially could be added. See you tomorrow!


10 comments on “Switchmas Day 1: The Wii U drought of 2016 and will the Switch benefit from it?”

  1. It is very clear to Nintendo what originally kept the 3DS from selling (high price point and no system sellers at launch) and it was already too late to get better games for the Wii U. Nintendo fans did suffer because of this, especially on the last year and a half for the Wii U, but the drought is really because they want to have good and steady support for the Switch, like you stated on the article. Twelve days and we will know how much the Switch benefited from this.

    1. I’m sure they are going to have a stellar launch and future with the Switch’s games. What worries me is how many games are they going to have at launch? I want all the heavy hitters, Zelda, Mario, Splatoon, but I also want to know games are coming soon and I dont want another drought. So I hope Nintendo spreads out the games evenly and has a big launch

      1. I think because of the delays, Nintendo is in a position to lay out their plans for their entire year on the Presentation, and then wait until E3 or some other place like it to announce the games coming next year (2018). Most of the games releasing this year have been worked on for two/three years, so they should have most of their resources for the past year on games that won’t be releasing for another year/year and a half, which is great news.

      2. I hope the presentation focuses on all of 2017, I fear that it will only cover launch day and launch window

      3. I think it will all depend on how much third party support there is for the Switch and how many games they have time to show. Especially when it comes to third party games. If here are a lot of third party games for it, they will focus a good amount of time on those. But if most of those third party are coming to other consoles, or even out on them for a while, would Nintendo really want to make the Switch seem like a system who will get ports late? Depending on the focus, we may get a Presentation dominated by first or third party games.

      4. I honestly think Nintendo may give third parties 5-15 minutes of total time, or even less if they plan to show a sizzle reel like the are known to do. Plus, rumors have been going around that its gonna be around an hour but I really hope its longer, given the fact of the amount of content they could show

      5. Something else I am hoping for is for there to be a simultaneous Nintendo Direct released right after the Presentation, or at least videos that will go more in-depth with what will be announced there.

      6. I agree. It is really weird to think that in 11 days, we will be getting constant Switch news until march. I really hope they hype us up for all of 2017, not just up until may. I don’t wanna wait until E3 for my Smash switch announcement XD

      7. I think there will be some that will feature a reveal trailer and then a “We’ll talk more at E3” or a future Direct.

      8. same, I frankly just want like a 2-5 minute segment where they reveal a new character + iceclimbers and maybe confirm 3DS content is being moved over

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