Switchmas Day 2: Enhanced Ports; How much will really be added?

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mario-kart-switch_2Hello Everyone! Today we will be discussing the heavy rumors of Wii U ports. Nintendo even showed off what is believed to be enhanced ports during the Nintendo Switch reveal trailer. Today we will be going over some rumored Wii U ports and discussing how much content we can realistically expect and if I believe the port will be happening. We will start out with Mario Kart 8, then Splatoon since they are most likely confirmed games that we will most likely see in 11 days.

Mario Kart 8: As it was shown in the reveal trailer with new content (being King Boo and two item slots per racer) I think we can safely assume this is real and we will be seeing it early in the Switch lifespan, and possibly at the Switch event next week. As to how much will be added, it seems that multiple sources seem to predict that Mario Kart 8 will have a lot of new content.

Liam Robertson: Nov. 16th 2016
Laura Kate Dale Reddit AMA: Dec. 26th 2016

Both of these sources have been credible in the past but do not take these as fact. So I think Mario Kart will be extensive on the Switch, and I also believe we could see it as soon as launch or sometime before July

UPDATE: After completing this post, EB Games allegedly leaked a couple new details about Mario Kart Switch (Note: These are placeholder prices)



Apparently this version will contain a new battle mode, 24 “extra” tracks (which may or may not include the 16 tracks that came as DLC) and 10 new characters. We do not know if this is true or fake at this time, but I felt it was necessary to mention.

Splatoon: Another game we saw in the trailer. As many people pointed out, Splatoon Switch looked like it had new clothes , weapons, and it appears that they were even in a new battle arena. I haven’t heard many leaks around Splatoon so I have no real way of predicting how much new content. I assume we will get some new clothes, a bunch of new weapons, three to five new arena’s and maybe a more enhanced local co-op mode. I would assume it is real….and maybe even a pack in game with the Switch?

Laura Kate Dale Reddit AMA: Dec. 26th 2016

Smash Bros: We have been hearing about a Smash port for a long time, even before the final Wii U and 3DS DLC came out. I think we all can assume that if they port Smash 4 to the Switch they will include new content, even if its just transferring all of the 3DS content to the Wii U version. I assume we will get at least a couple of new and returning fighters, with Ice Climbers having the best chance of making it back given it was the 3DS that kept them out of Smash 4.

Liam Robertson Tweet: Dec. 6th 2016

I think its safe to assume some new content. But as Laura said earlier in regards to ports (see Mario Kart 8 section) “Smash seems minimal.” Again, rumor but I think we can expect a fair amount of new content and content being brought from the 3DS. I believe this to be real and I am not 100% sure we will see this on the 12th, but I really hope we do!

Super Mario Maker: I think this is a safe bet as well, as Mario Maker was extremely popular on the Wii U and less so on the 3DS, I think they will release Mario Maker once more on the Switch and make it the ultimate version. I really don’t have that much to say on this game except that I don’t expect to see it until either a future direct after January or at E3 this year.

Pokemon Stars/Eclipse: I am a bit weary of this actually being a real game. Especially since the leak first came out only a couple weeks after Sun & Moons release. However I do see this as being likely given how popular Pokemon was in 2017, and how it is unlikely to have a new mainline Pokemon game out within the first year. I have heard that Pokemon will have new Pokemon to collect but I wouldn’t expect many or it to have much new content. But I do assume it will have a heavy graphical update. I don’t expect to see this at the Presentation this month, and if they do it will be a small teaser since Pokemon Sun and Moon sales are still high.screenshot_80

Xenoblade Chronicles X: Now this is something I didn’t expect to see, and even now I do not believe this to be a real port. Given that Laura Kate Dale broke this news when she posted her list of expected games for the Switch, it caught many off guard. I just do not see this likely, even though Laura has a decent track record when it comes to rumors. I won’t be heavily surprised if it is real but as of now, my money is on this game not happening.

Skyrim: Finally, our final game we are going to talk about today is Skyrim. Our first third party game to be shown in the Switch trailer. We can expect this to happen mainly because I don’t believe it when Nintendo said we cannot expect the games in the trailer to be real games and Skyrim makes sense to be ported, given the recent remastered edition. I’m not sure we will see much of it in January but I do believe we will be seeing this on shelves in March!

And with that we are finally done talking about most of the heavy hitter ports that could be coming to the Switch. Do you agree or disagree with some of my reasoning? Let me know in the comments! And remember, everything I say and sources I am using are not factual, all speculation. Just wait until the 12th for facts 🙂

Tomorrow we will be discussing Virtual Console and what we should expect at launch! I will see you all then!



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