Switchmas Day 3: Virtual Console



Virtual Console is one of Nintendo’s best qualities that have been in recent Nintendo consoles. It’s always exciting to go back to an N64 game or a NES game on a new console. The Switch will be no different, not only because it looks to be a great console, but it’s also portable. Meaning you could play all of the Virtual Console library anywhere in the world. With big leaks going around about Gamecube Virtual Console coming at or around launch. Note: we will only be discussing systems that have already appeared on the eshop/Virtual Console, sorry Virtual Boy.

I’m going to do the same thing I did with day 2. I’m going to list the console/handhelds and talk about if the system with be there at launch/at all and talk about how much we can expect. We will be going in chronological order

NES: I do believe we will have NES games at launch. I also expect for a few games to be there at launch. Mario 1-3, Zelda 1+2, Metroid, Kirby, Kid Icarus to name a few that I 100% expect.

Gameboy: I’m not sure if these will be on the system at launch. Given the fact that Gameboy games were never on the Wii U virtual console makes me a little skeptical about them being at launch. However they were on 3DS so that could give them a decent chance. I’m sure they will be there eventually but other systems I believe deserve spot in the virtual console library , however we may see this if Nintendo wants to launch with a killer Virtual Console lineup.

SNES: I also believe these to be available on day one. Games like Super Mario World, A Link to the Past, Super Metroid, Earthbound, and Yoshi’s Island Seem like necessities to me. These may not be around at launch because they may not want to overfill the eshop at launch but I think they should.

Gameboy Color: Another system where games never appeared on the Wii U but did on the 3DS. I do want them on at launch but I will not be too disappointed if they do not appear, even though I want as many Zelda games on the Switch as possible, and the Oracle games would be missed early on.

N64: As much as I hope we get N64 games such as Ocarina of Time, Majoras Mask, Super Mario 64, Paper Mario, etc. on the Switch early on, I do not see it likely. As we didn’t get N64 virtual console on the Wii U until 2015, over two years after the Wii U launched. It may happen, but unfortunately I just dont see it likely.

Gameboy Advance: Another system I don’t completely expect to be on the Virtual Console at launch, however I do believe Gameboy Advance and the Original Gameboy have a higher chance to have a place on the launch lineup more than the Gameboy Color, however that is just speculation on my end.

Gamecube: The highly rumored console to be getting support at or near launch. Laura Kate Dale also revealed at a Youtuber named Obe1Plays live stream and stated that only three games will be coming at launch. Those games being; Super Mario Sunshine, Luigi’s Mansion, and Super Smash Bros. Melee. I do believe these to be real and to expect Gamecube games at launch.

Laura Kate Dale at Obe1plays Livestream Dec.28th 2016

DS: New addition to the Wii U Virtual Console in 2016. Unless the Switch has a touch screen and the right Joy Con has some sort of motion control/sensor, I do not believe we will get these this time around. Although it is rumored that the Switch will have these features so it is very possible we see them, I just doubt we will at launch.

Wii: Wii games seem likely to happen during the Switch lifespan. I just do not believe that we will see them early on in the lifespan. I think we will experience the same as what happened with the Wii U, nothing at launch but we get them a couple years into the life cycle.

Wii U & 3DS: Finally i’m going to discuss the likelihood of 3DS and Wii U games showing up either just on the Eshop or apart of the Virtual Console. As much as I would love to see them do this, I don’t think they are going to. Given the fact that Nintendo is planning enhanced ports of Wii U games already, I don’t think they would want to release games on the same system as a port. It is possible that they just ignore those games and release others, I just don’t see it likely. As for 3DS, I have to say the same thing except the addition of an importance of touchscreen gaming. It is possible, and it may happen, but my money is on it not happening anytime soon.

I think that covers it for today! Do you agree or disagree with me and what console’s and games do you hope appear on the Switch at launch? Let me know in the comments!

Tomorrow we will be covering What I believe to be the first party games lineup for all of 2017! I will see you guys then!



2 comments on “Switchmas Day 3: Virtual Console”

  1. This is the time for Nintendo to make deals with companies like Square Enix, Capcom, Konami, Atlus, etc and offer their NES, SNES, N64, PS One, Saturn, etc, games as part of a new Virtual Console that is dedicated to specific companies. If some of their games can be found on iOS (like Final Fantasy VII), they could easily make their way to the Switch, making this an all-in-one console for both old and new.

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