Switchmas Day 4: What is likely to come to Nintendo Switch in 2017?

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screenshot_13Hello Everyone! Today I am going to tell you what I believe the Switch lineup will be for all of 2017! I will be taking all rumors I believe into account and I expect to be incorrect on at least one of these games. I plan on being realistic yet optimistic. I plan on listing the game and explaining my reasoning! (Note: this list is in no order as of launch day, I just wrote them down as they came to mind)

Launch Day: -March 17th? 

Splatoon: As rumored, I believe this to be the pack in game with the deluxe Switch bundle, as well as on shelves on launch day. I believe this mainly because of Laura Kate Dale rumors and that it makes sense because of Splatoon’s popularity as a new IP

Skyrim: Almost every rumor I’ve seen has said Skyrim at launch and at this point I don’t really see why we should doubt it at this point. Plus, Skyrim would be a big third party game to have at launch, even though its a older game. Also, I don’t care what Nintendo said about don’t assume games in the reveal trailer are real, 2K and Skyrim are most likely coming purely because of their presence in the reveal trailer.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild: THIS GAME NEEDS TO COME OUT ALREADY!!!!! But in all seriousness, I do believe that this game will come out at launch, at least in North America because of recent rumors. I hope it releases everywhere at launch but i’m not sure. Also, i’m sure this game is in the translation phase and I hope it is available soon.

Just Dance 2017: We’ve known about this game since E3 2016 when Switch was still called NX. It’s already released on other consoles so I see no reason for it to not come day one. Just Dance is and was a popular casual game on the original Wii.

Virtual Console Support: We will get some sort of Virtual Console support, it may be only Gamecube or it may be more, we will find out soon and I assume that content will come out every week throughout the entire lifespan just like it did with the Wii U. If you want to know about my thoughts on Virtual Console on the Switch, check out day 3 of Switchmas if you haven’t already!


Mario Kart 8 Switch: I originally planned on putting this at launch but I cannot properly reason a scenario where both Splatoon and Mario Kart would come out on the same day. I may be wrong and I really hope i’m wrong, but we will know very soon!

Mother 3: Another heavily rumored game both recently and in recent years, Mother 3 is the game that evades everyone and Nintendo holds it over our heads. But I do believe that this is the time to release it, fresh into the Switch’s lifespan. Supposedly coming in quarter 2 of 2017.

Smash Switch: Surprise! Another heavily rumored game for at least a year now. I do believe we will see both content from the 3DS version carried over to combine with the Wii U version, but I do also expect some new content. Maybe not much but I do expect a few new characters and maybe a couple new stages. I expect this around June or July, it could be a late summer title but I think they would want Smash to come out as soon as possible to get the group of Smash fans that weren’t happy enough with the rumored Melee Virtual Console game at launch.

Mario Rabbids RPG/Rabbids Kingdom Battle: I also wanted to put this in the launch section but with yesterdays rumors that it could be moved to September, I have decided for the safety of my predictions I should move it here. But I would not be surprised if this game does make launch.

Rayman Legends Port: Another rumor from yesterday that I believe to be likely, i`m sure it will be coming early in quarter 2 of 2017.

Lego City Undercover Switch: A game that is actually confirmed! The game is coming Spring of this year, get hyped if you didn’t play it on Wii U or you just wanna play it again!

Sonic Mania: A game that was not confirmed to be coming on the Switch as of now but I fully believe that this will release along with the other consoles when it comes out next year.

Yooka-Laylee: One of my most hyped games of 2017, this game was recently cancelled for the Wii U but they said they were in talks with Nintendo to get the game on the Switch. I would assume Yooka-Laylee to be on the Switch on or near launch day when it releases in April.


Pikmin 4/Reboot: In 2015, Miyamoto stated in an interview that Pikmin 4 was almost done. He may have been talking about Pikmin on 3DS but I don’t think he was. Pikmin according to Laura Kate Dale may be a reboot and that it would be coming out in the fall!

Super Mario Switch: One of the highlights of the Nintendo Switch reveal. Mario is rumored to be already finished. Many people predict both this and Zelda will be out around launch but I dont see that happening. I believe that either Mario or Zelda will be in this slot come November but I believe Zelda will win out the launch day fight mainly because we have known about Zelda Breath of the Wild for years now, and we have only seen 5-7 seconds of gameplay of Mario.

Pokemon Stars: Highly rumored port as of late, Pokemon is likely to come to the Switch this year as a third version to be alongside Sun and Moon. Pokemon Stars would hopefully have more Pokemon and have better graphics, I also expect this game in November.

Sonic 2017: The Sonic game that was announced for the Switch. Sonic 2017 I assume will be a late game in the year, I expect either November or December.

Mario Maker Switch: One final Mario game and one final Wii U port to round off the year. Mario Maker would be a nice way to end off the year. I expect this game to come in December, similar to the 3DS version of it back in 2016.

Well there you guys go! I didnt expect it to be this long but it turned out to be. I hope you guys enjoyed my picks! Do you guys agree or disagree? Want to make a comment on my choices or tell me I missed something? Let me know in the comments!

Tomorrow we will be discussing Nintendo Switch Online possibilities in both the games and the service! I will see ya then!





1 comments on “Switchmas Day 4: What is likely to come to Nintendo Switch in 2017?”

  1. I know there will be more games announced, which is good, bcause this is not nearly enough. Ports just cause me to roll me eyes. Rabbids just makes me want to puke.

    Breath of the Wild and Mother 3 are the two biggies, but I wouldn’t be shocked if both are available for WiiU.

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