Nintendo Switch Treehouse Presentation Coming Soon After Presentation!

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Hey guys! Quick update. Nintendo has announced that they will be having a LIVE, IN-DEPTH LOOK AT UPCOMING SWITCH GAMES”!!!!


Holy hell I am surprised and extremely excited. We do not know the length of the stream but I believe it will either be an hour or so, or it could possibly be similar to one of the E3 streams where its 5-6 hours. I highly doubt it will be that short or long, but a long stream would be much appreciated 😉

Well that’s about it! Tune in to the Switch Presentation at 8pm Pacific and 11pm Eastern NEXT THURSDAY! And watch the Treehouse stream the next morning at 6:30am Pacific ad 9:30am Eastern!

I will see you all tomorrow with Day 6 of Switchmas where we will talk about some of the big unanswered questions about the Nintendo Switch!


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