Switchmas Sweepstakes

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Who said Christmas was over?

As we count down to the most anticipated moment of our young 2017, we want to hear your predictions on what exactly Nintendo is hiding behind the curtains.



The Nintendo Switch Presentation will be broadcast live worldwide, starting at 11 pm EST on January 12th, and will be hosted at Tokyo Big Sight. Although the presentation is just 7 days away, this has not stopped people from leaking information about games and announcements they expect will be shown by Nintendo.

The thirst for information have gotten people so hyped that even a Twitter account created what they assured was an official document from Nintendo showcasing the games to be revealed, their names and release date/window.


Now, in the spirit of gamesmanship and anticipation for the Switch, we open up a contest for everyone to participate and give us your best guesses as to what will be revealed.


The rules are simple. Include on the list the names of the games you think will be announced with their release date or release window, and the developer working on it. The person who gets the most correct will win a Toad and Mewtwo Amiibo figure.

We can dream, can’t we?!

We understand that leaks continue to be filtered through the Ninja’s grasp, so we encourage you to not submit the document right away, as new information could help in filling out that list.

The deadline for this contest is an hour before the presentation (January 12th at 10:00 PM EST/ 7 PM PST). Download the document using this link and fill it out. You can submit your document by taking a screenshot and posting it via Twitter, including @ShigeruNews and @ToysAndMoreClub or sending it via email to ToysAndMoreClub@gmail.com

Join the conversation and lets see who can better predict what games will be shown at the Presentation!



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