Switchmas Day 6: Battery Life, Specs, and Other Unanswered Questions

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Hello Everyone! We are officially under a week away from the presentation! and at the halfway point of the Switchmas series! The hype is truly building and doing these is truly hyping myself up even more for the event next week and I didn’t think that was possible. Now that we have a Treehouse stream coming the day after as well is hype too! (Note: I will be talking about both the Conference and the Treehouse Presentation at a later date closer to the events.) preview

Alright, lets get to it. Ever since the Switch was revealed and even before that, many people had many questions about the system such as specs, battery life, paid online services like the competition does, and many other things. I wanna go through these and talk about them individually and talk about if Nintendo will reveal this information at the presentation or by launch.

Battery Life: Many rumors have talked about a 3 hour or so battery life. I do believe we will see this mentioned next week, however with USB C charging, a shorter battery life won’t hurt the system as much because of the quick charging process.

USB C: Another rumor I believe to be true as well as being talked about at launch. I believe this to be vital if the Switch has a short battery life.

Switch Pack in Game: Again, rumors by Laura Kate Dale have talked about Splatoon being a pack in game with a deluxe version of the switch. While I do think this is true and will obviously be talked about next week. I wish Nintendo would just have one version of the console, kinda like the Wii with Wii Sports.

Launch Date: Obvious point but we will absolutely know the launch date next week and I would expect preorders to go up shortly after the stream that night and in stores the next day.

Pro Controller in box?: I can confidently say that the Pro Controller will not be in the box in both the standard in deluxe version. I just don’t see it likely so expect to shell out some money on launch day if you want this sweet controller.

Touch Screen?: I believe the switch will have a touch screen. But will it have a stylus? I’m not sure at this point but I hope so! Finger prints annoy me. I think they would have to show it next week, as it would likely be an important part of the system.

Region Free?: I believe it will be! Not sure they will talk about it at the event. I think this is something that will slide under the radar until it randomly shows up in the news closer to launch.

User Interface Design: It is very likely we are going to see the system operating and that includes eshop, and UI. I’m sure it will be a key point when they are showing off the system.

Amiibo Support: Obviously the Switch will have Amiibo support, they even showed off Amiibo in the reveal trailer! I do believe they will show off where it is on each controller next week.

Those are most of the questions that I found to be extremely important. Did I miss any big questions that you want answered? let me know in the comments!

Tomorrow we will be discussing how the Switch could fail. I think this will be an interesting discussion because no matter how hyped I will be for this system, there are key things that could go wrong that could fail the system. I’ll see you tomorrow!


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