Switchmas Day 8: Three Big Ways The Switch Can Succeed

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Hello Everyone!  Today we are going to be on more of a positive note and talk about the three biggest ways the Switch can succeed. Lets get onto it! itprintsmoney

Price: Let’s start off with something that was mentioned in the three big problems. As I mentioned yesterday, if a $250-300 price tag is there I believe it will be a popular product as that is very affordable for a brand new system! $250 would be great for a basic pack, with only the console and controller included, I think that would sell amazingly and a $300 bundle with either Splatoon, or Mario Kart as pack in games. I would say Zelda but I don’t think Nintendo would want to put one of their most hyped games of this year into their system. Sure it would make the system sell like crazy, they could also make more profit leaving it out of the bundle. I could see both Switch versions selling extremely well, and having two versions could be beneficial, just as long as the two do not have different storage capabilities.

2017 Games Lineup: I firmly believe that we will see to varying extents of all of their 2017 lineup (minus 3rd party and Pokemon as the Pokemon Company is weird with their announcement sometimes) to be shown at the Switch event this upcoming Thursday. With some being shown off more in depth by the treehouse the next day. If Nintendo has a strong launch and first year unlike both the 3DS and Wii U, I believe they will have many people sold, even if they don’t plan on buying day one.  If they have Zelda, Mario, Pokemon, Smash, Splatoon, Mario Kart, Pikmin, ect. Come to the Switch year one, I believe many more people will buy a Switch early on, rather if they just heard the launch lineup and nothing more at the event.

Third Party Support: Like it or not the Switch needs to have heavy Third Party Support to be extremely popular. Not all gaming fans can buy more than one console and to many people the Nintendo first party games arent worth losing big AAA third party games, so they go with either PC, Xbox, or Playstation. With the Switch, that needs to change. We are already seeing changes with 2k and Skyrim playing big roles in the reveal trailer but they need more. Nintendo needs the yearly Assassins Creed games, they need standout hits like Overwatch or Tomb Raider. Nintendo needs the big games both on first and third parties that will make the consumer make the switch to the Switch.

That’s it for today! Do you agree with my choices? Do you think these reasons can make the Switch a success? Let me know!

Tomorrow we will be discussing Accessories for the Switch! See you guys then!


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