Switchmas Day 9: Nintendo Switch Accessories

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Hello Everyone! Today we will be talking about some accessories that the Nintendo Switch could potentially have at or around launch. Lets get onto it.

Extra/Custom Joy Cons: I think it’s obvious, Nintendo will be selling extra sets of Joy Cons at launch. But it’s the potential of custom Joy Cons that make me curious. Whether it turns out to be just color variants or actual design changes, I hope we see many different kinds of Joy Cons to make the Switch experience more fun. However with many sets of different Joy Cons that work with different games, it could get a little messy if they don’t all function with every game, no one wants to carry around 5 sets of Joy Cons when they leave for a trip or something. I expect a set of these to go for $25-$30 dollars so these could really become an expensive set of controllers if Nintendo makes many of these. The best outcome I can see is that if they come packed in with games like Amiibo are.

Potential Joy Con Designs

Pro Controller: Besides the extra Joy Cons, the Pro Controller will be one of the highest selling accessories. As many are assuming, it will not come in box with the Switch, and many people love playing their Nintendo games with a normal. gimmick-less controller. I do feel that the Pro Controller will have some sort of gyro controllers since we saw Splatoon being played on the Switch but we are not sure at this point. I am assuming a $50 dollar price for the controller but for many people, including myself, it will be worth it.

Headset, Headphones, Carrying Cases, Screen Cleaners…etc: Another set of accessories that are obviously going to come. Maybe not in an official Nintendo brand but I would expect to see all of these on launch day being sold.

Micro SD cards/Storage: As of now we do not know how much storage the Switch will have. So it’s really debatable at this point if extra space will be necessary near launch. However I am sure we will see a surge in Micro SD sales for the Switch around launch and beyond. We also don’t know what the storage limit is going to be for the Switch or if Nintendo is going to sell their own Micro SD cards, kinda like they did with the Wii SD cards. It will be interesting to see how much space is on the Switch at launch and what the storage limit will be.


And that is it for today! What accessories do you want to see come to the Switch either at launch or later? Let me know!

Tomorrow we will be going extremely in-depth to the Nintendo Switch’s launch day! See ya tomorrow!



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