Switchmas Day 10: Launch Day Hopes & Expectations

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Hello Everyone! We are in the final leg of our Switchmas journey. In less than  60 hours we will be watching the Switch Presentation and later the Treehouse Showcase! So today I thought it would be fun to talk about my expectation for the Switch on launch day! This will be my predictions on stock at stores, price, Launch day, launch lineup, accessories at launch, virtual console/Eshop expectations and more! I am also introducing a question of the day segment at the end, so please let me know your answer to it in the comments! Lets get right into it!

Stock: I feel that the Switch will be in high demand. I feel that it will be hard to get, similar to the Wii. I believe that if you do not preorder or go to a midnight release, you potentially will not get one at launch

Price: I believe we will see a $250 base version and a $300 deluxe version that comes packed in with either Splatoon or Mario Kart. I don’t think they would pack in Zelda mainly because that game is going to sell amazingly either way and they would make more money if it was a stand alone game.

Launch Date: I believe the rumors of March 17th as a worldwide launch date!

Launch Lineup: A topic that I talked about earlier in the 12 days, so i’m just going to rush through my thoughts for launch games:

  • Splatoon
  • Zelda
  • Just Dance
  • Skyrim
  • Virtual Console Support
  • Mario Kart 8 (After debating with myself for the last week, I think this will be at launch but I am not very confident in this prediction)

Accessories: Again, I talked about these in depth yesterday but lets quickly talk about these now:

  • Extra Joy Cons
  • Carrying Cases
  • Screen Cleaners
  • Pro Controller
  • Headset/Headphones
  • Micro SD cards

Virtual Console: Again, mentioned on an earlier day, so I will list the console and either say yes or no if I predict to see games from that system on VC day one

  • NES: Yes
  • Gameboy: No
  • Snes: Yes
  • Gameboy Color: No
  • N64: Sadly, No
  • Gameboy Advance: No
  • Gamecube: Yes
  • DS: No, Maybe Never
  • Wii: No, Maybe Never
  • Wii U: No, Maybe Never
  • 3DS: No, Maybe Never

Eshop: It will obviously be there at launch with both Launch Titles and Virtual Console games being there day one.

Miiverse: I think it may hang around again after being on the Wii U and 3DS but I’m not sure. I could see it being cut.

Mii’s: I think they are going to stay, mainly because of their importance in Miitomo so recently.

Streetpass: I think this goes. It is possible that it stays while in portable mode but I just don’t see people getting excited over this feature again.

And that is all for today! Did I miss any features that seem important? Do you think the Launch Lineup will be different? Let me know!

QUESTION OF THE DAY: How long do you think the Nintendo Treehouse stream will be? Do you think it will be around an hour or do you predict it will be 7-8 like one of the E3 days when they were playing Breath of the Wild, or somewhere in-between? Let me know!

I personally think it may be 3-5 hours long. They say they are going in-depth with Switch games and I just cannot see them making this short! I do hope they they make it as long as possible but I am keeping my expectations low.

Since we only have two days left I think I can safely reveal the final two topics that I will be discussing this Switchmas. Tomorrow we will be discussing leaks! Do they ruin hype, build it, and how often should we listen to them? Then Thursday is the big day! I will be discussing my expectations for both the presentation and the Treehouse stream. I will be going into length, what will be shown, how long it will be shown, and so on, I hope you all are excited! I’ll see you tomorrow!





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