Switchmas Day 11: Leaks. Harmful or Just Good Fun?

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Hello Everyone! It’s SWITCHMAS EVE! We are less than 36 hours away from seeing the Switch in action at the presentation! Very excited! Today we will be discussing rumors and leaks and ask the question “Are leaks harmful or fun” Let’s get started.

Leaks Ruin Surprises: Yes they do, they can potentially reveal something that the audience would have lost their minds at if revealed from Nintendo. Smash Wii U and 3DS come to mind. The entire roster leaked weeks before the launch in both Japan and America and it really ruined the surprise. In the case of Surprises, Leaks are harmful

Hype: On the other end of the spectrum, many people get really excited when they hear a new game from their favorite series may be coming, even better if leaked images and video is shown off. With Hype, it mostly is good fun.

Ruins Hype: Even though leaks can provide hype, can they ruin it as well? I think yes, we can look into recent rumors about the Switch’s power. While many don’t care because as long as it can play great Nintendo games they plan to buy it. But there is that small minority that when they hear something like “its weak” or “it has a three hour battery”They lose confidence in both the system and Nintendo, potentially ruining excitement when these drawbacks could have been talked about when plenty of hype was surrounding the system that the blow wouldn’t have hurt gamers as bad. Leaks can ruin hype and be damaging to potential consumers.

Fake Leaks: Most commonly we run across fake leaks. People using Photoshop or whatever to fake something then release it online. Fake leaks are mostly obvious but there are some that look legit. But when that leak does turn out to be false, it can potentially get someone’s hopes up. Fake’s can be damaging to expectations thus being bad.

I know this was short but I have to prepare for the Switch event coverage! I will discuss my plans with you guys tomorrow but I think it will be pretty hype!

Question of the Day: Do you like/pay attention to rumors?

I personally do. It makes waiting for official Nintendo announcements less painful for me, especially with the Switch!

Alright guys! I will see you tomorrow with the FINAL day of Switchmas! We will discuss my predictions for both the presentation and the Treehouse stream! I hope to see you all tomorrow!


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