What If: Nintendo Switch can be used as a POS system


Bear with me.


Before going into details, this is something that has not been discussed by Nintendo, NCR, or any other company for that matter. I am just making these assumptions and discussing the possibilities based on the history of Nintendo and the capatibilites of the Switch.

Nintendo was founded in 1889 and started as a hanafuda playing cards company, later venturing into different businesses such as cab driving, love hotels, and toys, before settling in the 1970s as a video game company.



NCR Corporation was founded in 1884 and is a hardware, software, and electronics company that among other things, works on point-of-sale terminals and systems.


As the source of everything related to the Switch, posters at NeoGAF unearthed images of HORI’s Nintendo Switch accessories which they are readying for release. One of those accessories stood out from the others, not because of the possibilities it presents for gaming, but for possible expansions of the Switch beyond a gaming console and into retail, business, and corporate environments.


With the Switch stand, the screen of the console will be prominently displayed and not hidden like it would with the Switch dock. The stand also allows you to have the USB-C cable connected to the bottom, letting the device charge while also sending video and audio signals.

The Switch console itself has removable controllers (Joy-Con) which can be used separately, together with the Joy-Con Grip, and the console even allows additional devices to be used in their place. One such device that could be attached to the console is an MSR, in order to take card payments:


Another feature which was found on the Wii U and is making its way to the Switch is the NFC reader. The Wii U used it to read Amiibo figures and a similar use is expected for the Switch. This could also allow the Switch to accept mobile payments using smartphones. It would also provide additional security when making purchases online by not having to store your payment profile and instead make the payment with your phone.


This is where the Nintendo Switch and NCR Silver come in:


NCR Silver is a point-of-sale system that can be incorporated into various devices, among them, tablets and smartphones.  The app itself is free and can be downloaded via the iOS or Android markets. Once you subscribe to it, you would pay a monthly fee, letting you use its services to do everything from accepting payments, to having your own POS system, do reports and forecasts, or even creating seating charts for restaurants.

By incorporating a similar app on the Switch, not only would retailers or business owners have a capable device for playing videogames or streaming services, but it would provide entertainment to those customers while they wait to be checked out. It also gives them the convenience of having a device that conforms to their business needs in one place.


No longer will little kids be running around the store. Give them the Joy-Cons and let them immerse themselves on the Switch.

Want people to know about your business? Have a video play on the Switch screen talking about your company philosophy, showcasing your products or even testimonials from previous customers.

Ready to take that payment? Hit the screen and press on the POS app located on the Switch, opening your point-of-sale software for checkout.

NCR’s company website shows that they have more than 6.6 million POS installations worldwide and are the market leader with 18% market share. Imagine Nintendo able to sell thousands of additional consoles and having them prominently featured on retail and business environments for everyone to see around the world? To those that don’t normally visit Gamestop, Best Buy or their local Walmart could be introduce to the console.

It would also give Nintendo something else that the Xbox and PlayStation brands don’t have.

Something we have learned throughout the years is that Nintendo is not afraid to test the waters on practices different from their own. They like to experiment in various ways to push their brand. Even this year Nintendo announced a partnership with Universal Studios to feature their characters on their theme park.


For the purposes of this article I have used NCR as an example, but Nintendo wouldn’t be limited to one company. There are other opportunities for the Switch brand to reach a broader base.





2 comments on “What If: Nintendo Switch can be used as a POS system”

  1. This is a very good idea, I just wish Nintendo will actually try this. This can prove that Nintendo isn’t just fooling around when they decided to revolutionize console gaming by making the Switch.

    1. It is a good idea and an effective way of introducing your console to people out there (mainly casual) who may not even be aware of it. Also, it could highlight the limitless possibilities it can provide.

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