Shovel Knight digging its way to the Nintendo Switch

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The one that got away is coming full circle to the Switch

If there is one game this past generation that caused me grief when I learned that it would no longer be a Nintendo exclusive, it is Shovel Knight.


Originally released for the Wii U, 3DS and Windows, Shovel Knight was both a console and handheld exclusive on Nintendo platforms. That exclusivity lasted from June 2014 until April 2015 when it released for the PS3, PS4, Vita, and Xbox One.

This 2D side-scrolling platformer was influenced by past NES games, and found success among those clamoring for a retro look and feel on those that came before it a generation before. In fact, it has become a huge success,

Now, Yacht Club Games has released a statement on their website announcing that Shovel Knight is making its way to the Nintendo Switch.


Additional news are given about future happenings, among them that Shovel Knight will receive a price increase and be known as Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove going forward. This name encapsulates the original game and all additional DLC content into one umbrella. For the people who already own the game, will receive the expansions for free.

Those who have yet to pick up this indie gem can purchase Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove and own all of the different campaigns and future updates. For others who might think this option is more expensive and who care about specific characters and play styles, can instead get one of the three stand alone version of the game (the original game and the two DLC options), with a fourth version coming out at a later date.



Shovel Knight: Shovel of Hope is the original adventure that we all love. Because Yacht Club Games is moving with different campaigns, they renamed the original game to differentiate it from the other entries.


Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows features the Plague Knight as the main character. This DLC adds new gameplay mechanics and story as you experience the original game through the Plague Knight’s point of view.

Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment is Yacht Club Games’ biggest expansion to the original Shovel Knight game.

Shovel Knight: King Knight will feature the King Knight himself in the third expansion that has yet to be revealed.

Shovel Knight: Battle Mode promises to allow up to 4 players dress up as their favorite heroes and villains

Local two player co-op feature was exclusive to the Wii U and required the amiibo figure to be used. Instead, a new update will provide the two player co-op feature to all consoles and without the requirement of an amiibo figure. The 3DS and Vita versions will not be included.


Body Swap Mode will let you gender swap the main characters of the game and play the campaign with them. Yacht Club provided two examples of body swapped characters: Shovel Knight and Shield Knight:


Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment is expected to be released sometime in Spring 2017 and along with it Body Swap Mode. Local Co-op and Battle Mode have not had a release date revealed.

Ready to dig in once more with Shovel Knight on the Switch?


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