Switchmas Day 12: Presentation and Treehouse Predictions!

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This is it. This is the last day of Switchmas! I’m kinda sad this series is over but also…..TODAY IS THE BIG DAY! The day we have all been waiting so long for! So today, I thought it would be fun to end this series off with yet another prediction piece. So as you know, I am going to discuss my predictions for both the actually presentation and the Treehouse stream tonight and Friday. I will be talking about announcements, not the order or the length of each segment! Everything here is my opinion so it may or may not happen, don’t get your hopes up just because I predict something So lets get started!

-Nintendo Switch Presentation- January 13th – 8pm PST 11pm Eastern –


Rumored: Around 60 minutes

My Guess: 75-90 Minutes (Unlikely but I think it could be that long)


Rumored: $250 base. $300 bundle

My Guess: $250 base. $300 bundle

-Launch Day-

Rumored: March 17th

My Guess: March 17th


Rumored: Splatoon

My Guess: Splatoon or Mario Kart 8

-Length of Nintendo Switch Console showcase, both console and UI-

My Guess: 15-20 minutes

-Games Announced-

Mario Kart 8 – Launch

Splatoon: – Launch

Breath of the Wild – Launch

Super Mario Switch – November or Launch

Skyrim – Launch

Just Dance – Launch – (Will be in 3rd party “Sizzle Reel”)

Virtual Console – Gamecube being the focus – Launch

Mother 3 – May or June

Smash – June-August

Mario Rabbids – Launch or September

Rayman Legends Port – July – (Sizzle Reel)

Lego City Undercover – Launch – (Sizzle Reel?)

Yooka Laylee – April – (Trailer)

Sonic Mania – April – (Trailer or Sizzle Reel)

Pikmin 4 – November – (Announcement or Trailer)

Mario Maker Switch – December

Other Third Party Games – Both in Trailers and Sizzle Reel

New IP – 2017 – Trailer

More games we don’t know and more that I can think of here – 2017 only

-Games Potentially Not Shown-

Pokemon Stars – We see it either at E3 or sooner. Pokemon Company. likes to reveal their own games usually

Sonic 2017:  Possibly but I don’t think we will

Metroid: I think one is being made, just not ready to be shown this year

-Preorders open-

My Guess: Online: Right after presentation. In Store: Next Morning

Alright, that’s mainly what I expect from the presentation. I’m sure there will either be more or less than what I predicted. In any way, I do hope it is more than one hour! Alright, let’s move into the Treehouse predictions!

– Nintendo Treehouse Stream – 6:30am PST, 9:30am Eastern –


My Guess: 3-5+ hours. Potentially the length of on E3 day (8 hours) but unlikely ( I could be wrong)

-Games Shown-

Breath of the Wild


Mario Switch

Mario Kart 8

Mario Rabbids (?)

(maybe more?)

-New announcements? –

My Guess: I wouldn’t think so but I do not know!

I think thats it! These are all my predictions for the Switch presentations. I hope the presentation is over an hour and the Treehouse will last all day like back in E3! I hope these predictions are not the only things that get announced but we will know In under 11 hours!!!!!

Question of the Day: What is one thing that you want announced tonight?

I hope for Smash and Mario Kart! I wanna see those additions. (plus Zelda being announced for launch)

This is it for Switchmas! I hope you guys enjoyed it! Stay tuned for my recaps of both the presentation and Treehouse streams. Thank you all for reading all of these, and I cannot wait to discuss more Switch and Nintendo news with you in the future.










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