Aonuma and Miyamoto Talk About of Another Possible Zelda Title On The Switch

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Today, IGN released an interview with Aonuma and Miyamoto on the future of the Zelda franchise and the possibility of another title on the Nintendo Switch, here is what Aonuma had to say:

I haven’t been able to fully use all of the new features of the system. There could be the possibility of another Zelda on Nintendo Switch. It’s always easy to top the best. I think the core element of Zelda gameplay kind of stays the same. There’s the main character development as well as characters you meet along the way, and then you learn new things as the character develops. With that said I think we could keep all that, and then I do wonder how we can expand from here with that in mind.

Coming from Shigeru Miyamoto…

Mr. Aonuma is the producer for Zelda. If we don’t create another one, he’s going to be out of a job, that should be his motivation for another one. As a company, Nintendo releases a main series in our key franchises for every new hardware that we’ve put out. If we release another hardware, that’ll be another new Zelda.

This certainly sounds like they are may tooling around with the idea of another Zelda for the Switch. Miyamoto’s comments make it sound like they are readying a full fledged Zelda for the next piece of hardware. It wouldn’t be surprising if Nintendo makes another Zelda on the Switch, but with something more like what we see in handheld titles (top-down gameplay).

1 comments on “Aonuma and Miyamoto Talk About of Another Possible Zelda Title On The Switch”

  1. I could probably interpret Miyamoto’s comment more like saying that if we see another Legend of Zelda on the Switch, that it would be using the same assets as Breath of the Wild, but that on a new system, we would have a new version of Zelda. I fully expect the Switch to receive another Zelda game, but more of a follow up to Breath of the Wild, the same way that the N64 had two Zeldas, with Mayora’s Mask using the same assets as Ocarina of Time.

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