REMINDER: Fire Emblem Direct Coming Tomorrow at 2PM PT/5PM ET & What To Expect

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Nintendo has announced a Nintendo Direct for Fire Emblem that will air tomorrow. This comes after the announcement of Fire Emblem Warriors at the Switch Presentation last week, as well as the confirmation that a Fire Emblem title is in the works by Nintendo Mobile. But, what can info can we expect from this presentation?


Fire Emblem Mobile Will Be Unveiled:


That’s right, remember a while ago when Nintendo announced plans for Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing to arrive on mobile devices? The japanese site for the confirms that we will finally get a look into what Fire Emblem on a phone will look like. While we don’t expect anything grand when it comes to gameplay, much like Nintendo did with Super Mario Run, this is probably a spin-off title with very similar characteristics of vanilla Fire Emblem gameplay. Also, a very interesting storyline to follow is what Nintendo’s revenue plan is for the game. We know that Super Mario Run was a ‘one time purchase’ game and that did not fare very well as only 3 million of 90 million people who downloaded the game paid for the full version. It will be interesting to see if Nintendo reacts to this by eliminating the ‘one time purchase’ system seen in Mario Run.  It is also very reasonable that we will get a launch window for the game for release later this spring or in the summer in the Direct.

More Information on Fire Emblem Warriors:

During Nintendo’s Switch presentation, we got a short teaser for Koei Tecmo’s spiritual successor to Hyrule Warriors: Fire Emblem Warriors. We can expect to get more details on what the gameplay entails (although it will be pretty similar to Hyrule Warriors). We can also expect a release window for the game along with a more proper trailer.

Possible Fire Emblem Fates Port?


Yes indeed, recently someone took it upon themselves to look into the source code of the  of the Fire Emblem Fates website and found a string of text that mentioned fire emblem fates revelation for nintendo switch”. We here at ShigeruNews are also able to independently confirm this information. While this could just be a mistake, its also very reasonable to see this actually being true. Fire Emblem has gone from a undervalued franchise at Nintendo to one that is one of the most valued at the company, generating lots of revenue. To see Fates possibly being ported to the Switch is certainly a surprise but make sense in the grand scheme of things. Fates had the biggest debut for a a game in the FE franchise in the United States. It sold over 300,000 units in the first week and 5x the amount of predecessor FE Awakening. Fates being ported will allow people who missed out on it to play a critically acclaimed game on the go and will probably fill in gaps with no first party titles in the first year for the Switch

Reinforce the fact that Fire Emblem is now one of Nintendo’s most valued IPs:

That’s true, if the treatment of this franchise throughout the last few years is to indicate so, the Fire Emblem franchise won’t be going away anytime soon. Due to the output of quality games like Awakening, #FE, and Fates people are started to notice the franchise and its games, which lead to great sales. When all of this is taken into account it becomes very clear that Fire Emblem is/almost is on par with Zelda, Mario and Pokemon in terms of how much Nintendo values Fire Emblem.



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