Stardew Valley not a Launch Title for the Nintendo Switch

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The Harvesting has to wait.


Concernedape has posted an update on the Stardew Valley website giving a process update on localization, patches, and more. Among the tidbits of information given is an update on the Nintendo Switch version of the game:


It is sad that the Switch version of the game will not be available for launch, but reassuring that it will be coming to the console later this year. Stardew Valley is a game perfect to play on the couch or to take it on the go.

Unfortunately for Vita owners, Stardew Valley is still under consideration but could end up missing the port entirely:


For Nintendo Switch owners, this entertains the possibility of not only 3DS games, but games that would normally come out on the Vita, being developed instead for the Switch. Hopefully this is the start of a trend that will see bigger third party support come to Nintendo’s newest console.


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